6 Benefits of children’s franchises

April 21, 2021

Being a parent is an honour and a blessing, but it’s a well-known fact that raising a family can be expensive. This means that one of the benefits of children-related franchises is that there is always a market for your products or services.

It’s believed the global market for baby products alone will be worth USD 16.78 billion by 2025.

To be frank, having children will never ‘go out of fashion’, so neither will business ventures that cater primarily for their needs. There will always be demand from loving parents willing to splash the cash for what their little darlings want, too. Especially at Christmas and birthdays!

Let’s explore more benefits of children’s franchises.

Customers keeping pace with growing kids

There are certainly some great success stories in the world of child-related franchising. If you find an opportunity with a well-established company that has a strong reputation and brand loyalty among parents, you will tend to find customers who are ready and waiting from day one.

Your search doesn’t have to be difficult, all you have to do is go to websites that are dedicated to connecting people with franchise opportunities. One such website is www.franchiselocal.co.uk, you can use it to search for the best franchise opportunities in the industry. You are likely to find some interesting ones.

Also, if you provide good customer service and reliable products and services, parents will be repeat customers as their kids grow. They will also be more likely to spread the word amongst their friends and family because parents understandably want to find local ventures they can rely on to provide for their much-loved offspring.

This especially relates to childcare franchises. If you can show that your start-up is backed by a well-known company and that you have all the proper training, insurance and equipment, you have more chance of gaining custom from cautious local families.

The same applies to children’s clothes and toys. If you buy into a children’s franchise that offers a great product range, you could find yourself with lots of long term customers who come back for more as their children develop.

6 Benefits of children's franchises

Education and coaching

One of the biggest growth areas in franchising is businesses related to education. This is something parents the world over are willing to invest in.

Franchise options in education and training support curriculum studies, provide after school activities or deliver private coaching in a wide range of topics.

Among the benefits of children’s franchises is the possibility of putting your own skills and interests to ‘good use’. For instance, your talent for maths or English could grow a young person’s abilities, understanding and confidence.

An education or training franchise could be anything from times tables to tennis, French to football, or science to swimming!

Children fitness franchises

Traditional sports coaching is not the only child-related fitness franchise available. For some years, there’s been extensive publicity about childhood obesity and falling levels of exercise due to reliance on technology. One of the benefits of children’s franchises is that they offer you a chance to be part of the solution, with a wide range of health and fitness businesses aimed at young customers.

Trusted child fitness business models include everything from gym classes for toddlers to more advanced exercises and dance classes for older kids. You can also deliver yoga, mindfulness and martial arts to a wide age range of children and young people.

Kids just want to have fun!

Of course, finding a child-related franchise doesn’t have to be about serious stuff and ‘betterment’. One of the biggest advantages of starting a franchise in this sector is that you get to be a big kid too sometimes!

There are lots of fun, leisure-related franchises around, including start-up opportunities related to kids parties and entertainment, mad science type ventures and craft activities that you can deliver at indoor and outdoor events.

Seeing children laughing, experimenting and socialising in a safe environment can be a massive bonus of being your own boss with a child-related business.

6 Benefits of children's franchises

Starting your business in the arts

Child leisure franchises are not the only creative business openings you can consider though. If you browse a well-curated franchise directory, you can find a wide range of innovative and unique business models aimed at young customers (via parents).

Examples include photographic studios, performing arts and craft ventures focused on helping children develop their creative abilities. You could be responsible for discovering a future artist or performer! Or at least, showing kids how important the arts are.

Parents and child-related franchises

Another advantage of finding a franchise related to children is that it can be a great business opportunity if you are a parent yourself.

For one thing, you will understand your customers and the sort of things they want and need for their kids. Plus, you may have existing contacts, a network of parents and access to schools and other places, to help you to find new customers.

Clearly, the children’s franchise market is highly diverse. With lots of trusted brands ready to offer attractive franchise agreements. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of children’s franchises, is that you get to be around all those impressionable minds and full-of-fun little ones while you make money!

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