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What will happen when you first have a massage therapy appointment?

July 24, 2016

There are many places where people can receive message therapy, from hospitals to spas and from dedicated clinics to airports. It’s certainly an eclectic mix of locations. Depending on where you undergo your first massage therapy you may have a different experience of what takes place. Obviously, the environments are very different and some of the desired outcomes will be as well.

You can speak to the person who is going to be conducting the massage therapy if you have any issues or concerns. They are professionally trained, having spent time studying at Upskilled or other online or bricks and mortar institutions. We are going to take a look at what you can expect if you are due to undergo massage therapy at a dedicated clinic.

What to expect at a massage therapy appointment

A close up of a glass vase on a table, with Oil - What will happen when you first have a massage therapy appointment?

Preparing for the massage

One thing it’s important to note is that if you are suffering from a skin irritation you should not make an appointment for massage therapy. If you already have an appointment you should cancel until the irritation has gone. You need to make sure that you are hydrated, by drinking sufficient water leading up to the date of your appointment. You also need to ensure that you are relaxed; try not to become stressed for any reason, on the day of the appointment.

Taking your details

The first time you have massage therapy someone will take all of your details. This may be done by sending you a form beforehand or it may be done by someone sitting and asking you some questions when you arrive. This is done to assess your medical history in order to discover how you can benefit from massage therapy, and what health issues need to be addressed. Any other necessary paperwork will normally be completed at this stage.

Follow up questions

In most cases, the therapist who is carrying out the treatment will take a look at the forms you have completed and have a chat with you. They will want to know as much information as possible. This is because they need to know if there are any health issues you have, or there are any medications you are taking, which mean that you should either avoid massage therapy or certain techniques. They also need to know which techniques are best suited to providing you with the improvement in your overall body health which is the aim of the treatment. Once the therapist has finished speaking to you they should tell you what to expect from the massage that day.

What will happen when you first have a massage therapy appointment?

The massage itself

You will generally lie down on a massage table to undergo the therapy. You should always make sure that you say if there are any problems, or if you feel uncomfortable in any way. The most important thing is that you always try to make the most of the massage. You should always try to remain relaxed and breathe in a regular manner. The more relaxed you are when you undergo massage therapy, the more successful the therapy is likely to be.

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