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Making A Plain White Bathroom Suite Look High End

November 22, 2016

Home decorating can be expensive. Bathrooms doubly so. It’s so easy to plan out your perfect bathroom, without giving much thought to the cost. Only to be disappointed when you add up all the prices and come to the conclusion that you just can’t afford it! But did you know it’s possible to make it look like you have a high-end bathroom, even if you buy just a plain white bathroom suite? Below are some clever tricks to make your bathroom seem much more luxurious and expensive that it is. Read on to find out what they are.


A room with a sink and a bath tub

The first thing you need to do to make sure that your bathroom looks more expensive than it is, to keep it in ‘good nick.’ You can definitely get away with a plain bathroom suit if it is crisp white, and of a simple design. As it can be very hard to tell what they cost. They could be from a bargain store, or they could be high end. Who’s to know? What can let them down, though, is any cracks, stains or damage.

Then no matter how much you paid for your suite, it can look cheap and nasty. That is why you need to pay attention to things like when the bathtub gets stained. Or the front of the bath becomes loose. You need to watch our for mildew and limescale too, as all of these things cheapen the look of your room.

You will need to deal with issues like these on a regular basis, to ensure your bathroom finish remains looking as high end as possible.

Fixtures and Fittings

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Another clever trick to is to replace things like the basin taps and shower heads with higher end, on trend pieces. A basic white bathroom suite can look like a million dollars if you use taps with the latest waterfall design.

It really is all in how you dress your bathroom. You just have to remember than the fixtures and fitting like the taps and showerheads are a part of this.


A bowl of food on a table, with Paint and Art

One of the best tips to improve the look of your bathroom is to decorate it properly. You need to pick and on trend colour and paint the part of the wall that isn’t tiled. Picking a strong colour will help to draw the user’s attention away from the other details that might not be so expensive.

You will also need to remember to use paint that is designed for bathrooms. Then it won’t start to peel and flake due to the steam. Which can make it look cheap and nasty.

Pick your colour combinations carefully. Remember white cabinets and storage can look good, but only if they are paired with the right shade of paint and tiles on the wall. Talking of tiles, a simple black and white checkerboard scheme can really raise the style stakes in your bathroom. Making it appear to have cost much more than it actually did.

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