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Made to Last Lighting

May 31, 2018

Nothing seems to irk buyers more than by spending money and buying a product that only lasts a short time. Think about the last time that you made a purchase. More than likely, you probably thought long and hard about that purchase, did a lot of research to make the decision that you needed and wanted to make, and then felt really confident in the decision and choice that you ended up going with.

So many times as buyers we get swept up in thinking that’s better to spend less at the time and make up for the lack of quality later. In all honesty, this couldn’t be further from the truth! When it comes to deciding how to purchase and buy items for you, and your family and the home that you live in, it’s so important to buy an item based upon the company that is making and backing the product.

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Made to Last

One of the best examples of a great company out there when it comes to lighting for your home actually has a Made to Last Lighting guarantee. Not only does this mean that they stand behind their product 110%, but they actually put that time frame that this product is made to last for right on the front of the package! Get outta here, right? How many other companies out there do you know that would go above and beyond to let you know exactly what you can expect for the money that you are paying for their product? If their product has a lifespan of 5 years, then they are going to let you know that every pound that you are paying means that you are going to get your 5 years worth of use. 

Strengthening the local economy

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you of the importance of paying money for high-quality products, then what about the fact that their products are also made locally to help strengthen the local economies as well. Not only does that mean that they do what they can as a company to help strengthen the workforce in and around local neighbouring towns, but it also means that they don’t outsource a lot of their jobs or have to bring in materials from other countries as well. When that happens, the pricing goes up because someone (and that someone is the company) has to pay for the costs that are accruing.

A desk with a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden chair


When doing your research about companies and the products that they make, it’s important to figure out exactly what you are buying first and foremost. Start doing your own research and understand what is important to you in the buying process. Trusting in a company that is hiding absolutely nothing about themselves and their products is a great way to spend your money wisely and invest in your belief in the longevity of the product. If a company says their product will last 10 years and is willing to put their name and brand behind that statement, then it will last 10 years! And when it comes to understanding the value that comes with a good company that produces a great product, it truly is priceless.

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