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Lamb & Bear Leggings

December 13, 2016

I have to confess to being a stereotypical parent. When Roo was born and we found out that she was a girl her wardrobe was soon filled with beautiful dresses and tights. As Piglet came along last year and we found out at our 20-week scan that we were having another girl. Her wardrobe was filled with dresses and all things pink and beautiful ready for her arrival.

Since Piglet was born, however, she has spent the majority of time in sleepsuits or top and leggings combinations. As she crawled much earlier than Roo or Tigger it soon became apparent that dress was not going to be practical for her. With the skirt of the dress getting caught under her knees as she moved across the floor.

Whilst looking to find some funky and unique leggings for her to pair up with long-sleeved bodysuits or tops, I was pointed in the direction of fellow blogger and WAHM Alex from Lamb & Bear. Alex designs each of the prints by hand before they are then printed onto high-quality 100% cotton leggings. Available in a mix of unisex prints there is a design for everyone, with matching dribble bibs recently added to her online shop.

Piglet was lucky enough to be sent two sets of leggings and corresponding dribble bibs from Lamb & Bear to see what we thought of them. Over the last few weeks, Piglet has been putting them to the ultimate baby test (see if you can spot the Wotsit she was keeping for consumption later)…

Lamb & Bear Stevie Stegosaurus Purple Rain

A small child sitting on a table

When I looked at the site to see what designs were available, I have to confess to being drawn in by the Stevie Stegosaurus purple rain design and colouring first. The different shade of purple used on Stevie Stegosaurus brings it to life and pops against the cream background of the leggings and dribble bib. With turn-up ankle cuffs, it should hopefully aid in keeping socks on 

With turn-up ankle cuffs it should hopefully aid in keeping socks on, however, Piglet doesn’t like socks so I have been adding a pair of tights to match the colour of her top on the given day when we have been out and about.

Lamb & Bear Leopard Prowl Snow Leopard

A baby sitting on a table

Monochrome is very much on-trend within many of the big high street retailers. The Leopard Prowl snow leopard design leggings and matching dribble bib offer that touch of monochrome without it looking too harsh on little ones. Paired with a simple pale pink top it makes the leopard stand out along with the contrasting hemlock stitching down the leg.

The dribble bib is a simple hook n loop fastening that gathers at the front of the neck catching dribble or in Piglet’s case and food she might be munching on.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Arriving beautifully packaged as soon as I opened them and felt the quality of the 100% cotton leggings I knew that these would feel soft against Piglet’s skin. The elasticated waist and cuffed ankle hems aid in keeping the leggings where they should be as play and activities take place. Piglet doesn’t sit still for long so it was great to see that these were stretchy and comfortable for her to wear.

Piglet has just turned one and usually wears the size below her age group so I requested the 9-12m size. Which does fit her really well, it is a little snug on her thighs and around her nappy so in hindsight, I would have taken notice of Alex’s sizing suggestion on the site and request the 12-18m size.

Check out the Lamb & Bear leggings and dribble bib range for something that is a little different to the high street stores – Shop here

Disclosure: We received a selection of Lamb & Bear leggings and dribble bibs FOC for the purpose of review

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