Keeping my baby, a baby

When I had Roo, two of my friends also had just had their first babies too (all of us within a month of each other).  Reaching developmental milestones and achievements seemed to earlier than I can remember than with Tigger.  I’m not sure if because we all had babies of a similar age we benefited from each others experiences or whether we were secretly trying to out do each other.

This time round I have nobody who has a baby of a similar age so no experiences to share or advice to gain.  Tigger at the age of 14 months is not feeding himself, only snacks i.e. rusks, breadsticks.  I need to address this but have no idea how to start.  My memory is blank when I think back to how I managed to get Roo to eat using a spoon.

Part of me worries that because I know that Tigger will be last baby, do I not want him to grow up too fast.  With Roo I remember pushing her from one achievement to the next without fully enjoying what she had just accomplished.

Am I trying to keep Tigger a baby??

Do I just put him in his booster seat, give him some food and hope for the best (and deal with the mess afterwards)?

Any advice on best ways to introduce self-feeding would be most welcomed.


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