What Characteristics Make a GAMMA Outdoor Jacket Great?

What Characteristics Make a GAMMA Outdoor Jacket Great?

November 19, 2021

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Hiking and camping are among the best activities to get away from the daily grind and enjoy nature. But since you’ll be exposed to the elements, it’s vital to get an outdoor jacket that offers excellent weather-proofing and can keep you sufficiently warm or cool.

So, how do you find such an outdoor jacket?

The trick is to carefully inspect the jacket’s materials, design, and features. Also, this type of garment shouldn’t be too heavy to ensure you can move freely, no matter how many layers of clothes you wear.

To help you make an informed choice, this article explores some of the most desirable characteristics of all-weather jackets. Plus, it includes an overview of what the GAMMA jacket has to offer.

What to Look For?

What Characteristics Make an Outdoor Jacket Great?


Most all-weather jackets rely on synthetic materials, such as Gore-Tex, to provide good weather-proofing and thermoregulation. But the GAMMA is a bit different since it utilizes graphene to offer superior protection without making the jacket heavy.

But what is graphene?

It’s a super thin layer of carbon atoms arranged in a unique structure called a hexagonal lattice. Currently, graphene is the thinnest material on the planet, but it has excellent conductivity and strength, regardless.

Because of that, it’s impervious to water, heat, cold, or anything else you might throw at it. But since it’s so light, graphene is one of the best options for heavy-duty clothing.

The only downside of graphene and graphene-infused apparel is that the material is very hard to dye. Therefore, the GAMMA jacket only comes in black.

However, what the jacket lacks in colour options, it compensates with timeless style and design. The GAMMA wouldn’t look odd should you decide to wear it to work every day, and it easily fits any style.

What Characteristics Make an Outdoor Jacket Great?


It’s not like you’ll be purchasing a new outdoor jacket for every season. Therefore, you need to ensure that the jacket you select can withstand years of heavy use.

How do you do that?

Again, the secret is to find the material and the design that can take a heavy beating. And because graphene is one of the strongest materials available right now, it’s one of the wisest choices.

As for the design, the outdoor jacket needs to provide sufficient resistance to tears and rips. Otherwise, it could lose most of its water and wind resistance and leave your body exposed.

Due to graphene’s hexagonal lattice structure, the GAMMA jacket excels in this respect. You’d find it hard to rip the material even on challenging mountain hikes. And it’s also resistant to cuts from sharp objects.

The added benefit is that it’s virtually impossible for insects to pierce the jacket’s surface and come in contact with your skin.

What Characteristics Make an Outdoor Jacket Great?

Heat Distribution

Imagine this – your all climate jacket does a great job of protecting your skin and back. But then, your arms and shoulders are exposed to heavy gusts of cold wind.

To avoid that, the GAMMA features built-in heaters that utilize the properties of graphene’s unique hexagonal structure. This spreads the heat evenly around your torso and arms to provide all-around cold protection.

The jacket has three heaters. One is placed at the upper back of the jacket, and there are two more at the front bottom. The heaters are made of carbon to provide superior conductivity and durability.

They are also easy to charge and adjust to your preference and the outdoor conditions. There’s a button on the inside to select one of the three heating modes. And the heaters are powered through a power bank which is placed in the inner left pocket.

Having heaters is excellent, but it doesn’t mean this jacket will make you sweat in warm weather. Graphene is breathable and lets off the excess heat through the micropores in the material.

So, if the weather suddenly changes for the better before you reach your destination, there’s no need to worry about sweating.

What Characteristics Make an Outdoor Jacket Great?


Regardless of how durable and weather-resistant a jacket might be, you won’t enjoy it unless it’s comfortable. In terms of outdoor apparel, comfort means that the jacket is lightweight and designed to act as your second skin.

As you might suspect, these properties relate to the material and the jacket’s tailoring. Being the thinnest material on earth, graphene is also one of the most lightweight. The GAMMA jacket weighs the same as your regular hoodie, and it can be easily stored in your backpack when you don’t need it.

But to provide extra comfort and protection, this jacket is also adjustable. You can change the position of the powder rain hem, and there are straps to tighten the jacket around your waist and wrists.

The hood has drawstrings as well, so it’s easy to make it fit snuggly around your face for some extra protection.

What Characteristics Make an Outdoor Jacket Great?

Odour Resistance

A weekend in the mountains may result in your jacket collecting all kinds of odours that are hard to remove. This is especially true for outdoor jackets with a soft lining that allows sweat to penetrate the material.

Sure, washing the jacket after your outdoor adventure helps. But it’s even better to find a model that’s odour-proof, so you don’t need to wash it every time you return home.

The GAMMA takes advantage of graphene to neutralize all odours that may come in contact with the material. And that’s achieved via ionic conduction. Without going into all the details, the material’s surface breaks up the odours before they can stick to the jacket’s surface.

But the jacket also expels moisture and bodily odours, so again, there’s no need to worry about sweating.

What Characteristics Make an Outdoor Jacket Great?

Get Ready for an Adventure

As a vital part of your gear, an outdoor jacket needs to resist adverse weather conditions yet give you all the comfort you need.

By now, you know the secret to finding such a jacket is in the materials and design. Therefore, your goal is to find the right balance between the jacket’s weatherproofing and breathability. But it’s also important that the jacket isn’t too heavy and hard to adjust to your preferences.

Lastly, this article should have given you enough information to narrow down your choice and find a model that best fits your needs. To check out GAMMA click here:  www.weargraphene.com

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