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Indoor winter activities for the family

December 16, 2022

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Indoor winter activities for the family are a fun way for everyone to spend some time together and catch up! Families can use the activities to strengthen their bonds and relationships, which is very important.

You can plan out one or two of these activities or try them all! The winter season lasts for a few months, so there will be plenty of time to plan out some fun indoor activities! You can try out the activities on this list or use the list to come up with your own ideas for indoor winter activities!

Coming up with indoor winter activities can be pretty easy

Just think about what represents the winter season and what your family members like to do. Use your imagination when coming up with ideas! Here is another fun idea for an indoor winter activity. Do the children in your family enjoy playing card games? Create a deck of winter cards out of cardboard and play a winter-themed game of “Go Fish“! Play the game just as you would play a regular game of “Go Fish”.

But instead of asking “Do you have any threes?”, you can ask “Do you have any snowflakes?” This can be a lot of fun and add a winter feel to it! You can add a winter theme to many indoor activities!

Is someone in your family feeling a little down about the winter season? Maybe they do not like the cold and snow. Maybe the early sunset makes the day feel gloomy to them. Planning a few indoor activities may help to cheer them up a little! It is a nice reminder that the winter season can be fun rather than dreadful.

Indoor winter activities for the family

There are indoor winter activities that both the children and the adults in your family can enjoy together. Here are a few of the indoor winter activities for the family you can plan out.

Indoor winter activities for the family - sweet traditional christmas gingerbread cookies

Baking Winter-Themed Cookies

Baking winter-themed cookies can be a lot of fun! Use cookie cutters to make cookies shaped like snowflakes, mittens, and snowmen. Decorate them with icing and sprinkles! If you want to use winter-themed colours for the icing and sprinkles, blue and white would look great! Sit back and relax with your delicious cookies. You can even have them with a cup of hot chocolate.

Decorating For The Winter

If you have not decorated the inside of your home for the winter season yet, now would be a great time to decorate! Winter decorations include window clings, lights, centrepieces, figurines, candles, candle holders, flags, wreaths, and more!

You can give everyone a fun job to do, even if you have young children. Let the children help you decorate with the window clings, and the older kids can tackle other decorating jobs. Be sure to give everyone a job they will be able to do. You can also work on all of the decorations together.

Watching A Winter Themed Movie

Sitting back and relaxing with the family can be really nice. So bake some cookies, make some hot chocolate, and pop in a winter-themed movie! The movies can include “Snow Day”, “Jack Frost”, “Home Alone”, and “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York”.

Indoor winter activities for the family - girl in white long sleeve shirt sitting on bed

Winter Crafts

Winter crafts are great indoor activities for the family! It gives everyone the chance to be creative and has a little fun. You can all sit down to create a paper plate snowflake, a Styrofoam ball snowman, and a plastic spoon snowman! When you are done, use the crafts as winter decorations, props, and displays!

Indoor Sports

If there’s a large enough, or sufficiently enthusiastic, base of players in your area, there may be indoor versions of your favourite sports. Be on the lookout for indoor volleyball, soccer, tennis, flag football, and basketball games. Even if you’re not a sports buff during the summer, winter is a prime chance to try popular indoor sports like floor hockey or roller hockey, box lacrosse, handball, or racquetball.

Keep Doing Your Favourites

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to have the perfect indoor alternative for your favourite outdoor pursuits. Even the hardest-core rock climbers may head indoors to pull plastic in the climbing gym over the winter, while runners who aren’t fans of skittering on ice may turn to indoor tracks to get their endorphin rush. Some pools will even let you play kayak polo, a great way to keep up on your whitewater manoeuvring skills, and dedicated rowers will log lots of hours on stationary rowing machines.

Train for Outdoor Adventures

If you love hitting it hard during the summer but don’t have any real passion for winter activities, use that lull to train for your summer goals. That can mean doing activities like swimming, which is great for both cardiovascular health and whole-body strengthening.

It can also mean putting your head together with a personal trainer and assembling a set of specific exercises that will translate directly to your summer activities; for example, avid hikers might climb step mills or other stair climbers with a heavy backpack to mimic the feel of hiking up a steep mountain with that same pack.

Indoor winter activities for the family - two kids playing beside glass windows

Water Parks and Other Fun Places

You don’t have to work hard to stay active during the winter, you can also kick back and play. Enjoy indoor water parks, mini golf, or indoor paintball games; try a wacky group fitness class you’ve always been interested in; or take a go-cart for a spin on an indoor track. Many of these activities are also a great way to get the whole family involved, as long as you make allowances for the capabilities of any children involved.

There are plenty of families who enjoy spending time together. But during the winter season, it is too cold to spend time together outside of the home. There are quite a few indoor winter activities for the family to enjoy! The activities include decorating the home for the winter, taking part in winter-related crafts, and even putting on a winter fashion show.

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