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How Music Can Help Kids to Learn

July 19, 2022


Music touches the soul. It combines rhythm, melody and harmony to lift our spirits and bring us together. Music also has the power to teach children about maths, science, history and geography — all from the comfort of their own homes. Learning through music is a technique that many parents shy away from because they think it’ll be too difficult for their kids. However, the truth is that exposing your child to music at an early age can have a lasting impact on their education.

Learning through music can help your child develop social skills, creativity, reading ability, and listening skills. Music also helps children build concentration, memory and vocabulary. Read on to discover how you can add music as another way to help your child learn!

Music Helps Develop Vocabulary and Language Skills

The human brain is designed to remember things that have emotional significance. This is why when you listen to a song from childhood, you’re instantly transported back to a specific time in your life. When you expose your child to music, you’re helping them to associate different words and emotions with music. This will help your child develop a broader vocabulary and learn new words more easily. Music can also help children learn new languages. If you’re raising a bilingual child, you can use music to help your child associate words in both languages.

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Music Helps Children Develop Maths Skills

Music has mathematical elements such as rhythm and tempo. When your child listens to music, they are using maths skills to count the beats in the song. This not only helps kids understand maths concepts, but it also has a practical application as your child grows. Maths skills can be applied when your child is measuring the room for curtains or calculating the number of guests expected at a party. You can also introduce your child to the concept of music theory. This includes scales, key signatures, and rhythm patterns using a Looping Pedal if required.

Music Helps Children Develop Science Skills

Music is the result of combining different sound frequencies. The sound frequencies in music are measured in Hertz (Hz). This is similar to the measurement used to determine the speed of light. When your child listens to music, they learn about the different sound frequencies within the song. When your child understands the science behind music, they will be able to understand the sounds surrounding them more readily.

Music Helps Children Develop Culture and History Skills

Music is a reflection of the people who create it. It reveals a particular time and place’s history, culture and customs. When your child listens to different music styles, they learn about the origins and history of that specific genre. You can use this to introduce your child to different cultures and traditions.

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Music Helps Children Identify Patterns and Associations

Patterns are evident throughout music. The notes and sounds used in any song are repeated to create a pattern. Your child is exposed to these patterns as they listen to different songs. Rhythm and tempo are also patterns used in music to determine when notes are played. Your child is exposed to these patterns as they listen to music. Patterns are found not only in music but in many aspects of life. This is why music can teach children about many subjects and disciplines.


Music is a powerful and ancient language that can be used as a learning tool to help your child excel in school. It can introduce your child to maths, science, culture and history. The best way to use music to help your child learn is to expose them to various genres. This can be done through listening to music or actively creating music.

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