A living room filled with furniture and a tv

How to incorporate Cherished Gold into your interior design

January 14, 2017

Leading paint manufacturer Dulux has done it again. By choosing Cherished Gold as the Dulux Colour for the Year 2016, interiors all over the UK are being transformed in line with the trend for warm yellows and metallics.

Dulux’ Colour Design Manager, Rebecca Williamson, explains: “The common thread coming through for 2016 was yellow – and gold in particular. We drew inspiration from all the different tones of this colour, including bold metallic hues and earthy shades, bringing them all together to create Cherished Gold.”

The new earthy ochre gold suits all types of homes, from chic urban pads to Victorian family homes, and can be used to inject fresh style into all kinds of interiors, even commercial spaces in need of refurbishment.

We’ve come up with style 10 ideas of how you might use this earthy shade of gold in your next interior design scheme.

1. Gold and precious jewels

A living room filled with furniture and a tv

Set off old gold hues against sumptuous colour combinations – the richer the tones, the better. Take your cue from the treasure chest of old and experiment with ruby red, midnight sapphire blue, teal or deep emerald green to really show off the versatility of the warm golden shade and produce a vibrant look you will love.

2. Added warmth


Contrast warm gold with crisp Brilliant White – perhaps as an accent colour in a functional environment such as a kitchen, bathroom or an office. A pastel bedroom that is too calm could also be enlivened; think gold scatter cushions or bedside lamps to add a touch of opulence. Add instant personality with the strong bold impact of golden shades and transform what could be a boring, modern space into an interesting one with lots of character.

3. Soft layering

A wooden table

If old gold is working in your home, why not continue the gold theme through your soft furnishings to produce a coherent scheme? An earthy yellow rug will anchor the room, while metallic cushions, golden blankets, and warm curtains will create a luxe feel. You could also pick out gold accents from a treasured piece of artwork to complete the ensemble.

4. Golden glamour


If you’re a fan of gold, then you’re in luck. Why not take it a step further and add more decorative accents with a metallic gleam? Metallic mosaic tiles in the bathroom might be just the thing to add a touch of glamour to an otherwise uninspiring space. Play with new paint effects on the wall such as stripes or two toning, for example. Painting the top and bottom halves of the wall in different colours is bang on trend.

5. Little touches

If you’re not totally on board with the new gold trend, don’t worry. There’s no need to go the whole hog. Why not try warm ochre gold on one wall and see the overall impact? Buy some golden bathroom towels to warm up an otherwise cold bathroom, and gold plant pots, vases or other decorative items for dotting all around. The beauty with accessories is that everything is easy to change if you decide the colour really isn’t your thing.

6. Gold trinkets

Not many of us have the luxury to start with a blank canvas when it comes to interior design. Our advice is to take your existing pieces of furniture or furnishings as a base and add the new colour palette around them. You could think about painting or upcycling furniture to fit in with the new scheme and bring in accents of warm gold. Even smaller items or areas, such as flower pots, shelving or cupboard door handles can make all the difference and bring the new interior scheme together beautifully.

This article was written by Dakota Murphey, a marketing graduate who has a keen eye for beautiful interiors. Dakota collaborated with Classic Interiors, who were consulted for some of the information in this article.

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