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April 23, 2019

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Whether you are putting your home up for sale because you’re moving to a new location for work, to be closer to family or are upgrading to accommodate a growing family, it can be a challenging time for any homeowner. Your home is a place filled with memories and it’s often difficult to say goodbye and to start fresh in a new location. When you’re putting your home up for sale, you will already have enough things to do and the last thing you want to have to deal with is the stress of your home sitting on the market for longer than intended.

Putting your home up for sale is a big moment for any homeowner and you need to do what you can to ensure that you garner as much interest as possible when people come to view your property. You need to create an environment that inspires potential buyers and allows them to imagine what living in your home might be like for them. Beyond the layout of your home, the aesthetics of your home can be a crucial element in securing a buyer for your home.

Continue reading to learn what you can do to style your home and find a buyer quickly.

Styling your home ready for selling

Dress Your Windows

Bare windows make a home look unfinished and bland. All of your windows should have curtains or blinds that match the rest of your interiors. If you don’t have curtains already, shop around your local homeware stores or buy curtains online for an even better selection.

Once you have hung your curtains, make sure that you tie them back properly to allow plenty of natural light into your rooms as this creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere throughout your home. If you have small windows, consider hanging long curtains as these will make the windows appear larger. Finally, make sure that you have cleaned your windows thoroughly, as nothing makes a home look more unkempt than dull, streaky windows.

Declutter Your Space

When you’re showcasing your home, it’s important that you make it look as clean and tidy as possible. The best place to begin is to remove all the extra clutter from your home and make your home look more spacious. Make sure that your floors are clutter-free, and the same goes for countertops. Remove any unnecessary appliances from your kitchen and store them away out of sight.

Avoid throwing everything haphazardly into your cupboards as some of your potential buyers may look into your cabinets to assess the storage. Make sure that you keep your cupboards neat and tidy.

A large bed sitting in a chair

Pay Attention To Your Floors

One of the first things potential buyers are going to notice when they come to view your home is your floors. Be sure that all of your carpets are cleaned and that you have taken measures to fix any loose or creaky floorboards. If your home has exposed floorboards, you should consider restaining them and give them a new lease of life.

To make your home look more cosy and homely, try adding rugs to the living room or bedroom floors. Adding a rug can bring an extra level of style to your home and make potential buyers feel more at home.

Freshen Up Your Paint

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your home. Whether you choose to continue with the same colour scheme you already have or you opt for a new colour, it’s important to make your home look as appealing as possible. Warm colours work best and can add a real air of sophistication to your home. Aim for neutral colours and avoid anything too wild as it might not be to everyone’s taste.

Style Your Home To Sell

Taking the time to present your home to prospective buyers will help hugely in selling your house quickly. Put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers and think about what elements of your home will be important to them. Make the house look warm, cosy, and inviting. Clear away any clutter to make your home look more spacious and open up the curtains or blinds to let plenty of natural light flood in. With your home looking its best, you will secure a buyer in no time and you be able to start the process of moving to your new location to start the next chapter of your life.

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