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A Brief Account Of The Best Places To Live In the Wirral

January 15, 2021

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The Wirral represents scenes and locations out of a fairytale. The Wirral is one of the best places for new home buyers. It is a fifteen-mile long and seven-mile wide peninsula perched on NW England. It is home to the Rivers Dee and Mercy as well as the Irish Sea on the north side.

Why live in the Wirral?

According to the opinion of an expert real estate agent associated with wirral.co.uk people prefer the Wirral as it offers a rustic feeling to homeowners. That doesn’t mean that people live without electricity or running water here – oh no!

It is home to countless places to see, several parks and beaches. Hence, people who love to take a walk, a hike, take a ride on their bicycle or spend their leisure hours dry skiing down the slope in Bebington, will definitely choose to buy a home and live in the Wirral.

What are the best places to own a home in the Wirral?

There are plenty. However, the following will talk about the best among them

A Brief Account Of The Best Places To Live In The Wirral


Parkgate is home to a new community that consists of houses and lavish apartments after a renowned developer purchased an ageing school here. Previous to this, Parkgate was already on its way to be considered as a thriving village and had enjoyed being one of the focal points for people visiting or living here in the Wirral.

On that note, buying a home here in Parkgate will have its perks. For instance, one can enjoy the view of the marshes that extend to North Wales. Furthermore, it is home to countless pubs, restaurants and cafes.

It is also home to the renowned Neston Club that is the focal point of sporting activities here such as squash, cricket, tennis, hockey and more.


Willaston is yet another popular location in the Wirral that people prefer to live in since it is located strategically. Anyone who wants to travel to Chester or Liverpool, whether by train or the roads, can easily do so from Willaston.

Furthermore, people here can easily let their children have the best education since renowned private educational institutions such as the – 

  • Birkenhead School
  • Abbey Gate College and
  • Kings & Queens – located in Chester are easy to reach for the people living in Willaston.

Convincing, right!?


Compared to Willaston, Irby is a bit larger village and enjoys a central location in the Wirral peninsula.

It is home to some renowned secondary schools in the Wirral such as –

  • Pensby High
  • Calday Grange 
  • West Kirby Grammar and 
  • Irby Primary School.

It is the best place for people who prefer spending their leisure hours by partaking in sporting or leisurely activities. For instance, it is home to several football, cricket, as well as Taekwon-Do clubs. Furthermore, one can also enjoy long and relaxing walks on the renowned Thurstaston Common. On top of this, if one has an affinity towards some tipsy beverages then there are countless pubs dotting all over Irby.

In terms of connectivity, Irby has regular bus connectivity hence, getting around won’t be a problem in case you don’t feel like driving on your car one day!

The Wirral has the beauty, the serenity, all the creature comforts as well as amenities one would need to lead a healthy and happy life. Hence, it is no wonder that people prefer living here instead of other parts in the UK.

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