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Flappy Suits Kids Costumes – They’re not just for Halloween!

October 20, 2019

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When it comes to thinking about Halloween costume ideas. It is easy to with the traditional spooky and creepy options available. Which, whilst in keeping with the season might mean that the fancy dress costume only gets one outing before it is outgrown or stored away with the rest of the Halloween decorations until next year.

This year we have opted to change up our approach to the kids Halloween costumes. Stepping away from the last-minute supermarket options in favour of Flappy Suits – fun and cuddly onesies with a difference.

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What are Flappy Suits?

Flappy suits have secret airbags built into the costume, which cause different parts of the costume to magically move! They’re great for Halloween costume parties and slumber parties. Designed to be loose-fitting, allowing for your little one to have perfect flexibility when it comes to moving around!

How do Flappy Suits work?

With the secret air pockets in Flappy Suits, a rabbit’s ears flap, a lion’s tail wags, a unicorn’s wings flutter, a panda wrinkles its ears, and a bear’s tail and ears shake!

Flappy Suits designs

Available in a variety of flappy suit animals to choose from. Whether you want to be a kitty cat, puppy dog, or bunny rabbit! There’s even a panda bear, a monkey, a lion, and mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns.

Our thoughts of Flappy Suits

The sizing of the Flappy Suits kids costumes are quite generous in our experience, which isn’t a bad thing as it means that they will last longer than originally thought. Also as the children are going to be wearing these for Halloween to walk around our estate, I can also pop and additional layer underneath to ensure that they are warm and toasty.

Each of the designs offering a different flappable feature, it makes for good fun when they are wearing them. The squeezable balloon within the hands is a little difficult for Piglet to squeeze, but with a two-handed approach, she has mastered a workaround solution.

Flappy suits are not just for Halloween

Although we received these with the intention of wearing them for Halloween. Due to the fun animal designs, these can be worn throughout the year. For fancy dress parties, onesies days at school and even for travelling in the car on long journeys as they are warm and snuggly.

Where can I buy Flappy Suits?

Flappy Suits are available to purchase from Amazon and are delivered internationally, so no matter where you are in the world your little one can enjoy dressing up in a Flappy Suits onesie.

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