A little girl standing in front of a cake

How to make mealtimes easier with a toddler

April 8, 2019

Mealtime with a toddler can be trying, even under the best circumstances. Between trying to get kids to try new foods to kids not wanting to sit still, it can be hard to get kids to just sit and eat. Use these tips to get your toddler excited about meal time…

Tips to get your toddler excited about meal time

A little girl standing in front of a cake

Finger Foods

If you are trying to feed your toddler, you want to create a sense of independence. Finger foods are great for kids who no longer want you to be fed by mom and dad but are not quite good at feeding themselves with spoons and forks. Finger foods allow kids to pick up their food.

Child Sized Forks and Spoons

Kids have an easier time feeding themselves when the utensils are made for them. These smaller forks and spoons are easier for kids to put in their mouth and it is easier for kids to maneuver. Once kids learn the skills with these smaller forks, it is easier for them to move on to larger forks and spoons.

ezpz Happy Mat

Using an ezpz Happy Mat can make meal times easier. The food grade silicone mat suctions itself to the table which makes it almost impossible for little hands to tip it over. The toddler-sized plate is divided into three sections that give the plate an area for each type of food. The sides of each section make it easier for kids who are learning to use a fork and spoon to get the food on their utensils. It also features a smiley face design to help kids stay positive during meals.


Toddlers like to make their own choices. If eating and mealtimes are starting to become a power struggle, try giving the child choices. But not too many choices. It is best to give kids only two choices. For instance, would you like peaches or pears with your lunch? This lets the child feel they have some say in what they are eating but not too many choices that they can’t decide. By controlling the choices, you are also directing the kids into acceptable choices.

Mealtime should be family time. If possible sit down with your toddler and stay with them during meal time. Use this time to talk about other things during the day. Even if the child is too young to talk back, it keeps the mood around meal time happy and exciting. Use these tips to make mealtime more enjoyable.

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