How to make a new pet feel at home

August 28, 2020

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Being in continuous lockdown for months now, it has been hard to keep the feeling of loneliness away. To have something interesting to do, adopting a new pet is a great option to try. Pets can be a great addition to your family and they will also give you a lot of love in these tough times. 

Once you get a new pet, it is all about introducing him/her to your family and getting used to the new addition. You need to learn about what they like and what they don’t and how to train them. It is exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time.

How to make a new pet feel at home

  • Make sure you let your family know in advance about the new pet.
  • Watch training videos or stuff to be prepared for taking care of the pet.
  • Be patient with yourself and your pet for things to go smoothly.
  • Make house rules and teach your pet how to follow them.
  • Be welcoming and loving so your pet warms up to you quick.
Make new pet feel at home

Ensuring that they feel part of the family

When we brought our first pet home, the first thing we did was get a custom animal illustration done for the pet. It felt great to frame the illustration that we got from Vector Pets and hang it in our living room. With that, our pet felt like family from the first day itself.

It was so easy to do, simply send them a photo of our pet and they give us the most beautiful and jaw-dropping illustration. We customised the illustration exactly the way we wanted it to be and had it delivered with no mistakes. 

If you want to add a stunning illustration of your pet in your house as well, you should visit Vector Pets as well!

Bonding with your new pet

You have to also figure out multiple ways in which you and your loved ones can bond with your new pet. You can go regular walks or play some kind of outdoor games or anything else that might make your pet happy.

  • Make sure you keep an eye on what your pet needs to be a good pet owner
  • Know what is making your pet unhappy and try to solve their problem as soon as possible.
  • Allow your pet to have treats when they behave well so they feel encouraged. 
  • Allow your pet to be a part of your daily routine and allow yourself enough time to interact with them daily.

It is just something about spending quality time with a pet and making them happy that gives people a ton of satisfaction and helps create that special owner/pet relationship.

Make new pet feel at home

Maintaining a healthy diet

While you might think providing your dog with endless treats will make them happy, it could seriously damage their health and happiness. Most dogs would happily consume an entire bag of kibble if allowed, but it is up to a pet owner to introduce diet limitations. Otherwise, they could struggle with excess weight, which could increase their body temperature, make them feel physically uncomfortable, and can limit their playtime due to a lack of energy. What’s more, they’ll have a higher risk of developing a medical condition.

Ensure you are ready for the responsibility

Though having a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, it also enables you to get some fantastic experiences. If you are thinking about getting a pet as well, you should definitely give it a chance. But make sure you only adopt after you are ready to have a pet. 

So the ultimate conclusion is

Get a pet if you really want it and have thought about getting one for years. It will be hard to get used to at first but in the end, it will all be worth every bit of effort you put in!

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