A living room with a sink and a window

How to Create an Art Deco Bathroom

March 8, 2017

If you’ve always wanted a bathroom that oozes glamour, style, and sophistication, you can’t go wrong with Art Deco. Back in the 1920s, women would spend hours carefully fingering their curls, blotting their scarlet lips, and spritzing themselves with expensive perfume before rushing off to a late-night party. If you’re keen to bring a bit of decadence and luxury into your private sanctuary, I’ve got a few tips and ideas that may help you realise your dream. Some of the information in this article was provided by professional bathroom specialists, The Brighton Bathroom Company.

A living room with a sink and a window

What is Art Deco? 

Art Deco is the arts and design movement that emerged in the 1920s and 30s. It was inspired by the glamour of early Hollywood and was influenced by the Egyptian, French and Mediterranean cultures. Art Deco design is full of rich, vibrant colours, bold, geometric shapes, patterned wallpapers, shimmering glass, and smoky, ornate mirrors.

The Art Deco style can be as traditional or modern as you like – it works beautifully both ways. Here are some of the basic style elements:

  • Angular and geometric patterns, but also bold curves
  • Exotic materials like mosaics and marble
  • Black and white floor and wall tiling
  • Chrome fittings, bevelled or smoked mirrors

At the heart of the Art Deco style, you’ll find geometric patterns and designs on wall and floor tiles. The classic floor or wall tile in black and white is simple and stylish and relatively inexpensive. You can also add some eye-catching metallic or multi-coloured mosaic tiles around the bath, basin, or shower, for instance.

As a feature, why not paint just one wall, or use a wallpaper with fabulous geometric designs. There’s a wide choice of geometric wallpapers but just remember to choose one that’s suitable for use in a hot, steamy bathroom.

To elevate the sumptuous Art Deco theme, use border tiles that are geometric in shape. These come in all colours, but if your floor or wall tiles are black and white, then stay with this scheme for the borders. If not black and white, then add some sparkle with a border of glimmering mosaics or even a multi-coloured mosaic border.

Mosaic tiles were used widely in the Art Deco period and are a superb choice for a bathroom. Pearlescent, or shimmering mosaic tiles, are perfect for adding some glitz and glamour to your bathroom design.

While geometric shapes were highly fashionable during this period, so too were sweeping curves. A curved wall sits easy on the eye and hints at a time of luxury, elegance, and style, so why not have a curved wall (the shower wall, for instance) as a feature in your bathroom.

Twin mirrors (bevelled) and basins work extremely well, but if there’s not enough room for two, make sure there’s some symmetry in the floor and walls tiles, or in the bathroom, lighting to help underline the Art Deco style.

The angular shapes of the Art Deco style are stylish and elegant, so when you’re on the hunt for bathroom furniture and fittings, look out for bathroom suites, toilets and pedestal basins that are square or angular in shape. The same goes for taps, handles, and other accessories. Look for angular or rectangular designs in shiny chrome.

For the utmost in extravagance and splendour, there’s only one way to go and that’s marble. Marble floors are just magnificent and marble wall tiling in a shower is to die for.

Your choice of accessories can make a significant difference – from a bathroom that may be somewhat lacklustre to one that’s downright spectacular. Wall mirrors are essential, helping to add light and making the room appear much larger than it is. Look for smoky, angular mirrors, or mirrors with ornate bevelling and luxurious finishes.

When it comes to Art Deco colours, let your creativity soar. You can try combinations of dark blue and white, red and silver, even green and gold, as these all work beautifully. While you’re at it, why not add some bold colour accents to your furnishings and towels.

Frosted glass and chrome accessories were all the rage in the Art Deco period, so look out for coloured glass soap holders, chrome towel and robe hooks, and soapy-green glass toothbrush holders. These accessories add an air of opulence and dazzle to your bathroom.

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