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So Many Sleep Solutions: A Mattress Buying Miniguide for Confused Consumers

March 9, 2017

It is amazing how something so simple can become so complicated and that is the case when it comes to choosing a mattress. At the end of the day, a mattress is simply something you lie down on when you want to go to sleep but you might well feel exhausted when you have worked your way through all the various mattress options.

Here are some tips and insights for finding the right sleep solution. There is a look at what difference the price tag makes, an interesting comparison to make you rethink your budget and the lowdown on the types of mattress you will be offered.

A Mattress Buying Miniguide for Confused Consumers

A Mattress Buying Miniguide for Confused Consumers | A bedroom with a bed and a mirror in a room

Get what you pay for

There are some things you buy where you can pay a cheap price and still end up getting value for money, but when it comes to buying a mattress, more often than not it is likely to be the case that a cheap and cheerful mattress will do the job, but if you want true comfort and longevity, you might have to dig deeper into your wallet.

The problem for consumers is that although the spirit of that observation is fairly accurate in most cases, you could get carried away with promises of sleep systems that are based on space-age technology, that might add some extra digits to the price without the hype being justified.

If you buy a flimsy cheap mattress, it is going to need replacing more often, so it could turn out to be a false economy. The question is how do you find the right mattress for the right money that delivers a good night’s sleep and offers great value?

Sofa comparison

If you are wondering how much you should spend on a mattress and whether you can justify the price tag, you might want to compare your thought process when you bought a sofa.

Many people seem to be happy to part with several thousand for something they sit on for a few hours each evening but balk at paying even a third of that sort of price for a good quality mattress, despite the fact that they are going to spend three times more lying on this item of furniture.

Take that mindset into your search for a new mattress and it should mean you look at your options with much more of an open mind as well as a looser wallet if you value your sleep.

Not your type

A good starting point in your quest for a new mattress would be to compare the different types and work out which one is best suited to your needs and preferences.

You can check some reviews and read their thoughts on Mattress-guides.net about the various mattresses available to help you decide, but first of all, it should help to understand the difference between each type of mattress.


Innerspring mattresses are the traditional option and they are constructed with steel coils that provide the support you need, with various configurations to choose from.

This type of mattress is often the cheapest option and the most widely available. That is not to say that you can’t find expensive models that are built to a high standard and offer hybrid options to suit each individual person using the mattress.

Adjustable air

The main feature of an adjustable air mattress is the fact that you can inflate it to your chosen level of firmness depending on your individual preference.

You can also get an option on some models where you can adjust each half of the bed to different levels of firmness if you can’t agree how you want the mattress to feel.

Memory foam

Originally developed by NASA, memory foam technology has become a popular choice amongst people who suffer from back and joint pain.

Mostly made from polyurethane or latex foam, the mattress softens when you lie down on it and then molds to your body, before springing back into shape once you get back up. Some users have complained that the mattress can feel hot to sleep on, but if you look for a model with infused gel, this can potentially address those concerns and keep you cool.

Try before you buy

Many of the good deals are often online these days, which makes it tricky to try out your mattress for suitability before you buy.

The true acid test for mattress suitability is to see how it feels when you lie down on it. All the added features like extra springs and extra lumbar support might work, but they might not make much difference as far as you are concerned.

This means you could end up paying more for features you don’t need, so if you do buy online check the returns policy to see if you can change your mind, even after you have finally decided which mattress to buy.

A Mattress Buying Miniguide for Confused Consumers

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