All You Need to Know to Become a Successful Finish Carpenter

May 29, 2019

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Finish carpentry occurs when the overall structure of the house has finally been constructed. It is considered one of the last steps before the homeowners can actually move in. What makes the process important? For starters, finish carpentry mostly focuses on woodwork and, as the name suggests, the finishing touches. These touches can make all the difference as far as the overall aesthetics of the house is concerned, which is why learning to master the various tasks of finish carpentry takes a long time.

What does finish carpentry consist of?

Finish carpenters are considered a jack of all trades. Since their job is to install woods and trimming around the house, they are highly capable of designing window flourishes and door trimmings. They are also masters when it comes to installing crown molding, wall panels, and intricately designed wainscoting. Not only that, they can take on challenges such as installing bookshelves within alcoves. Basically, finish carpenters are artists in the strictest sense.

All You Need to Know to Become a Successful Finish Carpenter

What tools are normally used?

Saws are a finish carpenter’s best friend. Plus points if it’s a miter saw or something more advanced. Anything that can easily cut through a piece of wood is utilized. Of course, carpenters also rely on chisels and trim hammers. Nails are a must, too, and in order to remove bent nails, they also use pliers. Other items that are being used include utility knives, hand-sanding blocks, wood putty, and even sandpaper. A person looking forward to an illustrious career in finish carpentry should make it a point to master the usage of each and every tool.

How do you become a successful finish carpenter?

As previously mentioned, carpenters are artists. It is a must that they possess a keen eye for details. Not only do they need to learn how to use hundreds of carpentry tools, but they also need to have a good artistic taste. Since they come in during the end of a house’s construction, they normally work without much supervision. Sometimes, they would need to decide on which shape or size to install around the windows. Other times, they decide among colors and patterns. When the homeowner isn’t around to make choices, finish carpenters can rely on their impeccable aesthetics.

How do you start?

Are you decided on specializing in finish carpentry? The best step is to watch them in action. If you require something done in your house, pick up the phone and call the best handyman service in your area. Once they’re in the middle of doing the job, observe their techniques and do not be afraid to ask for tips.

Start working as an apprentice under an expert builder. Learn the ins and outs of the industry, and do not forget to network with fellow enthusiasts. Search the internet for local organizations that provide assistance to carpenters. There is sure to be one near you.

Once you have experience, you can start CV writing. The more you understand the role and what you need to do, the more likely carpentry businesses will take you on and provide you with work. Writing confidently inspires trust and reduces the risk that owners take when they hire you. Be sure to talk about your achievement and offer to send them a portfolio of projects to learn more about the type of work you’re capable of doing. 

In a nutshell, becoming a finish carpenter isn’t easy, but with hard work and a keen artistic sense, you will find yourself one step closer to your goal.

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