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Homebuyer Insights: Ways to Help, Not Hinder Your Real Estate Agent

September 15, 2016

Moving into a new home is incredibly exciting, but the process of vetting, making a bid, and closing on a new place can be stressful. Your real estate agent is on your side doing their best, but they don’t have to be working alone. Thanks to a number of buyer insights you’ll know how to help (rather than hinder) your agent.

A sign on the side of a building

Ask Questions

Be forthright with your real estate agent since you’ll want and expect the same from them. Inquire about their years of service, their familiarity with the area you are looking to move into, and whether or not they have helped people in your similar situation. Doing so will assuage any anxieties that you’re hosting. Moreover, it will help your real estate agent feel more comfortable communicating with you regarding limitations, obstacles, etc.

Take a Look at Other Homes

You want to get the house for as little money as possible. Some buyers grow frustrated with their agents, assuming that the professional is not as invested in saving money. Take a look at the price of similar homes in your area of interest. That way, you’ll have a good idea of the kind of listing prices your real estate agent will need to deal with. Don’t ‘get mad at the messenger.’  If a price seems too high, then it may be that you need to revise the plan, be okay with spending more money, or look at a different area.

Be a Part-Time Agent

No, you don’t have to become a real estate agent, but you too can be actively looking at listings. Don’t assume that you are your agents only client. While they may be doing their best to find a home that’s suitable for you, you know yourself and your situation best. Take a look at listings, drive around neighborhoods, and talk to locals about the real estate history of particular areas (how quickly homes sell, how long people live in places of residence, etc). See Bridgfords to read about a Leeds real estate agency and available agents.

Research Your Agent

Today, just about any person’s professional experience along with recommendations is visible on the Internet. Do some research on your agent by Googling their name and seeing if you can find information related to pleased customers, present and former employers who praise them, and cohorts that endorse the agent’s work ethic. Of course, every agent will speak confidently about their services. However, don’t leave opportunity for unpleasant surprises. If you thoroughly research your agent and find out about their level of experience and expertise, you’ll know exactly the kind of service you’ll be getting and should expect. However, just because an agent has little experience, it doesn’t mean they won’t do a stellar job in finding you your dream house.

Get Familiar with Your Type of Purchase

Buying a condo is different from purchasing a home. Therefore, you should choose an agent who either specializes in that kind of purchase or has rich experience in finding that kind of abode. However, you can also get familiar with that kind of purchase. For example, as far as condos, there are condo fees and other concerns that apply and must be considered. As far as a home, you may need to get inspectors involved, know about the area’s taxes, etc.

Talk About Money

It’s usually awkward to discuss money in most situations, but it’s a must with your real estate agent. Be sure that you’re comfortable with the kind of areas that your real estate agent is showing. Also, let them know your price limit. It can make some uneasy or embarrassed to share such information with a ‘stranger,’ but the more information you give your agent, the more they can help you.

Be Involved (But Don’t Nag)

As mentioned, you need to choose a real estate agent you’re going to trust. Otherwise, it opens doors to a number of doubts and possible arguments. Therefore, you need to balance between being involved while not being a nag and letting your real estate agent work their magic. Be involved by following up with your real estate agent throughout the week. Ask whether you should put in an offer, how it was received, and plan for a counter offer, etc. Sometimes, an agent will be lax because their client allows for it. However, if you’re involved and intense, then your agent will follow suit and pursue a house in the same manner.

Disclosure: This is a featured post from Declan Barnett who works in a busy real estate office in a clerical role which also involves him manning the phones. On occasion, he takes to writing some real estate based articles which get published online.

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