Have a #SnackHappy Christmas with Jacob’s

Savoury snack maker Jacob’s is helping to make it a #SnackHappy Christmas this year with its range of seasonal snacking items, from Cream Crackers to cheesey Treeselets and festively-shaped Mini Cheddars.

Have a #SnackHappy Christmas with Jacob’s

Christmas just isn’t the same without Jacob’s crackers, and the savoury snack purveyor has launched its new Jacob’s Crackers Christmas Cracker pack with include festive messages embossed on them.

This Christmas Jacob’s is also launching is its new Jacob’s tin; the handy tin contains four packs of tasty Jacob’s crackers providing an easy and convenient way of getting your festive fill.

Did you know?

  • Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese is the number one selling savoury range during the festive season.
  • Jacob’s Cream Crackers use the same recipe and special baking techniques as when they were first made in 1885. Seven out of 10 savoury biscuits purchases last year were Jacob’s – making them the number one cracker brand in the UK.
  • Cracker-loving Brits ate a phenomenal 1.4 billion Jacob’s Cream Crackers in 2013 – that’s 44 crackers every second.
  • 2,000 tonnes of Twiglets and 9,000 tonnes of Cream Crackers are baked every single year. That’s the equivalent weight of the Eiffel Tower in Cream Crackers, or 166 London double decker buses in Twiglets – it’s also enough Cream Crackers to reach to the moon and back 16 times per year.

Which Jacob’s #SnackHappy Christmas treat is your favourite?


#SnackHappy Christmas from Jacob's

Disclosure: We received a selection of Jacob’s #SnackHappy festive treats FOC


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