Why does Harry Styles like cardigans so much

Why does Harry Styles like cardigans so much

October 25, 2023


We all know and love Harry Styles. He has not only been turning heads with his music but also with his unique and eclectic sense of style. Among his fashion choices, one item stands out: the cardigan. Harry’s affection for cardigans has been widely noticed and appreciated by his fans and the fashion industry. But what is it about cardigans that makes Harry Styles love them so much? In this article, we’ll see the charm of cardigans and the possible reasons behind Harry’s love for them. Read along, and if you want to keep up with the trends, get your own cardigan from Keilys and get ready to rock it, just like Harry.

Cardigans are His signature style

As much as he is known for his music and talent, Harry Styles is also seen as a huge fashion icon. His fashion choices have evolved dramatically since his early days in One Direction where he had a very toned down style compared to what he’s adopted in his solo career. While he’s known for experimenting with a wide range of outfits, the cardigan remains a signature piece in his wardrobe.

Whether he is wearing cardigans in his day to day activities or on stage, we see him in knitwear quite often. It has become an iconic part of his fashion identity, just like his eccentric suits and bold patterns. This signature style sets him apart and gives his fans a way to always celebrate his fashion choices.


Cardigans and knitwear in general are incredibly versatile. They can be dressed up or down, making them work for pretty much any occasion. And the fact that you can choose different patterns, colors and styles is a huge plus. Harry usually pairs his cardigans with jeans and casual shirts for a relaxed and effortlessly chic look. However, he’s worn cardigans in concerts before, paired with flared trousers and making them the key piece of the outfit.

The most famous one was the patchwork colorful cardigan he wore in a concert. You can now find the knit pattern everywhere online if you want to recreate it. And if he’s not wearing a cardigan, he is rocking a different knitwear piece, showing his love for this “grandparent” vibe with a modern twist. 

Gender-fluid fashion

One of the features of Harry’s style is his embrace of gender-fluid fashion. This is something that his fans appreciate him for, and he also shows his support through representation of different gender fluid communities. He challenges traditional gender norms by wearing outfits that may be considered unconventional for men.

Cardigans, in particular, are known for their unisex appeal, but the patterns and style he uses tends to be more feminine, making them a perfect addition to his wardrobe as he showcases non-traditional masculinity in fashion. This is a great example of fashion choices being able to address social issues and bigger problems. 

Vintage vibes

Harry Styles’ love for cardigans can also be connected to his love for nostalgia and vintage aesthetics. Cardigans have this retro, romantic vibe to them which works perfectly with Harry’s music, style and overall character. With many of his songs referencing nostalgia, we believe he wants to keep a strong connection between the music he makes, and his overall personal appearance. He does this perfectly through the outfit he wears. He often incorporates vintage pieces into his outfits, and cardigans fit this aesthetic perfectly. The colours and patterns he uses are also very vintage-inspired, so they work well with his bold outfit choices.

Comfort and Coziness

Cardigans are very comfortable and cosy pieces, and if your concert lasts for hours, we imagine you’d at least want to stay comfy during that time. Their soft materials and relaxed fit make them perfect for lounging or performing on stage. Harry, being known for his energetic and charismatic stage presence, probably finds cardigans to be the perfect combination of style and comfort to perform in. We can even imagine him relaxing at home with one of his iconic knitwear pieces on, just chilling and enjoying the comfort of his home. 

The Harry Styles knitwear phenomenon

Now that we talked about the possible reasons Harry has for loving cardigans and knitwear, let’s see how big of a deal he made it. With Harry having a fan base of millions of people, everything he wears or does is in the spotlight. His love for knitwear is so big that you will find replicas of pretty much every vest or cardigan he wore. The designs are also fun-patterned and colourful, so you can imagine that they sell well. This creates a phenomenon that is purely based on the artist culture that Harry has created, and his personal style choices. It’s also a recognizable way to spot the true Harries, as his fandom is called.

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