Halloween Party Foods for Teenagers

Halloween Party Foods For Teenagers

October 2, 2023

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Halloween parties have become quite popular as parents have grown more concerned for their children’s safety out on the streets going door-to-door trick-or-treating. Adults love Halloween costume parties as well. No matter whether you are hosting a party for children or adults, the Halloween party food served and the setting in which the festivities are held are essential to a successful party.

Whether an adult or a children’s Halloween party, be creative and a good time will be had by all in attendance.

Teens who look forward to the fun of Halloween may be too old to go door-to-door trick or treating. Not only do some adults frown on teens ringing their doorbells late at night, but it’s a dangerous time to let this age group loose on the streets after dark. Provide another way for them to celebrate one of their favourite holidays like a Halloween Party and give them something to talk about until next Halloween.

Scary Movie Party For Teens On Halloween

Invite the group of teenagers over for a scary movie night. Rent one or two of the teenagers’ favourite hair-raising movies. Make sure the kids know the start and end times to prevent kids from staying too late. Create a dark theatre-style room by arranging chairs facing the television and blocking out most of the light. Provide plenty of snacks and hand out goodie bags filled with candy as they leave.

Halloween Party Foods for Teenagers

Scary Movie Ideas For The Halloween Season

Monster Mash Party

If the teens enjoy dressing up, ask them to come in costume. They can dress up as their favourite movie monsters such as Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man, a Mummy, the Bride of Frankenstein, Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist or any other scary character.

Offer a variety of activities. Play games, bob for apples, play music for dancing and play charades that will be even more fun since they’ll be in costume.

Halloween Party Foods for Teenagers

Halloween Foods For A Monster Mash Party

Teenagers are equally thrilled by the idea of transforming their space into a haunted house, complete with spider web decorations and orange balloons to elevate the spooky vibes. But let’s face it—the best part of any Halloween shindig has to be the food.

A teen’s Halloween party usually begins early in the evening and the host or hostess needs to plan on feeding the kids more than desserts. Your teen will think you are the coolest Mom or Dad ever if the party room has been decorated in a creepy fashion, eerie music is playing, and the food elicits responses like “Wow!” and “Cool!” from the guests.

From sugary treats like Halloween marshmallow pops and meringue ghosts to more savoury options, like parmesan cheese-stuffed mini marshmallows and cheese sticks, we’ve got tons of fun and festive ideas to make your Halloween night memorable.

Most children arrive at Halloween parties hungry, expecting to be served great food and desserts. Almost all children love hotdogs and it is very simple to make coffins, complete with the body. Place the hot dogs on a platter, buns open, with a face carefully drawn on the weiner using a mustard squeeze bottle. Serve the coffins with chips and provide a mustard squeeze bottle for guests to add additional mustard if they desire.

Red Fruit Punch For A Halloween Theme Party

The drink for the evening should be a red fruit punch served in a punch bowl in which a floating hand of ice resides. Prepare the hand by using a clean, powder-free, rubber glove. Pour water into the glove and tie it off. Carefully place the glove in the freezer so that it is not resting against the wire shelving or frozen foods that would distort the shape. Placing it flat on a boxed item works best. Leave the hand in the freezer until time for guests to arrive.

Cut the glove away with a pair of kitchen shears or a sharp knife and place it in the punch bowl. If the party is for adults, alcohol may be added to the punch.

A bunch of items that are sitting on a table

Rice Krispies Treats Are Great Halloween Party Food Ideas

Rice Krispies Treats are enjoyed by teens and adults and make great tombstones, and the recipe is quick to prepare. After the sweet treats have cooled, carefully cut them into rectangles with a rounded top. Decorate by piping R.I.P. onto the tombstone in orange icing.

Pumpkins can be created by making a smaller version of a popcorn ball by tinting the ingredients orange with food colouring. The pumpkin’s stem is made by inserting a 1 1/2-inch piece of green liquorice into the top of the popcorn ball as you form the balls, leaving about one inch of the liquorice showing.

Spiders And Healthy Halloween Snacks

For children, create spiders by spreading peanut butter on round snack crackers. Top the cracker with another cracker. The spider’s legs are made by adding four thin pretzel sticks inserted into the peanut butter middle. Dab a bit of peanut butter on the top cracker to “glue” raisins on for the spider’s eyes. If having an adult party, substitute cream cheese for the peanut butter.

Halloween Party Foods for Teenagers

Eyeballs Are Fun Halloween Treats

Eyeballs certainly pass the creepy test. Use green grapes to create the eyeballs. Wash and dry room-temperature grapes. Leave sitting until you know that no moisture is present on the grapes. Place a dab of cream cheese on the end of each grape where it had attached to the vine. Cut a very thin slice of black liquorice using a sharp paring knife and place it in the centre of the cream cheese.

Create the eyeball’s veins by tinting red a very thin powdered sugar and a warm water glaze. Place the glaze in a sandwich bag and poke a pinhole in the bag to squeeze squiggly lines of the glaze onto the grape eyeballs. Carefully place the eyeballs in an upright position on a small serving tray.

Severed Fingers As Fun Halloween Food Ideas

Severed fingers are easy Halloween treats and can be made by using bought or homemade sugar cookie dough. Squeeze the dough out in finger-length round strips on a baking sheet. Use your clean fingers to gently squeeze the dough to form knuckles. Take a table knife and create the bend lines of a finger using the back side of the knife. Use a clean fake fingernail or an almond to make an indention at the end of the cookie for the fingernail.

Remove the almond or fake fingernails and bake the cookies. After they have cooled, use red gel frosting to paint the fingernails and make the blood on the end where the fingers are supposed to have been severed. To make the finger’s bone at the severed end, dab a tiny bit of white cake frosting in the centre of the red gel frosting. Allow the frosting to dry and serve on a platter. You can serve upright in a serving bowl if you do not decorate the severed end.

Candy corn, gummy worms, mini marshmallows, and even plastic spiders can be turned into fun ideas for spooky Halloween treats. Add a black light for some extra fun, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a Happy Halloween that will entertain large groups and leave a lasting impression. When it comes to throwing a Halloween party, food is more than just sustenance; it’s a fun way to express creativity, engage in festive activities, and provide lots of fun for everyone involved.

Halloween Party Foods for Teenagers

Graveyard Teen Halloween Party Ideas On Halloween

Set up a room in the house to look like a graveyard. Purchase plastic headstones and write funny gravestone epitaphs on them with a Sharpie. Hang fabric to look like ghosts around the room. Play spooky recorded sounds and add a smoke machine to top off the ambience.

After everyone has had a chance to walk around the room and read the headstones, have them sit in a circle. Hand each teen a piece of paper to write their own epitaphs then have them read what they wrote aloud. Give prizes for the funniest, grossest and most original.

Refreshments and fun Halloween snacks can be standard snack food the teenagers enjoy, such as pizza, chips and cookies. You can also put out a vegetable platter that probably won’t get touched, but it will make you feel better to have at least one healthy item. Serve witch’s brew made from limeade and ginger ale. Bring out a cake decorated to look like a severed body part, grave marker or ghost.

Other Activities For A Teen Halloween Party

  • Murder mystery: Stage a murder, provide clues and slowly unfold the clues that lead guests to figure out who committed the murder.
  • Scavenger hunt: Involve some willing neighbours to play along. Give the teens clues and send them out looking for specific items. Offer a prize for the first person or group that comes back with everything.
  • Scary Circle Story: Start with a single sentence and let the teens add to it as the story travels around the room. Encourage sound effects and scary faces.

So why settle for just trick-or-treating when you can throw the ultimate Halloween bash complete with the best Halloween party food ideas? Planning a Halloween party for teenagers isn’t hard. Show them a good time with a scary movie, spooky treats, monster mash or graveyard party.

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