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4 Women’s Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

September 10, 2022


Hair is said to be your crowning glory, and it is something that can show off your personality and give you confidence – it’s something you can enjoy changing up and experimenting with. However, if you have thin hair, this can be much more difficult. You’ll have less choice, and the results might not be what you expect when you try something different. With this in mind, here are a few excellent women’s hairstyle ideas for thin hair that will help you look and feel great. 

Hair Transplant

Before talking about hairstyle ideas, it’s worth mentioning the fact that you can have a hair transplant, and this will give you not just the appearance of thicker hair but the reality of it. When you start to research UK hair transplants, you’ll see that they can offer an entirely new look by taking hair from one area of the head and transplanting it onto the scalp. It’s a procedure that many people have tried, and the results are impressive. 

If you have an issue with thin or thinning hair, a hair transplant could be exactly what you need to increase your confidence and provide you with thicker hair that you can change up and style in the way you want to. 

Women's Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Get A Bob

Cosmetic procedures might not be for everyone, and if you do opt for a hair transplant, it’s not something that will happen overnight. Therefore, it’s useful to know about other hairstyles and techniques that can help if you have thin hair. Getting a bob cut is a great option. 

The reason a bob could be the answer to the thin hair issue you experience is that the bottom of a bob always looks thick – this is because it’s closer to the roots, and the ‘stringy’ look that thin hair often has isn’t visible until much further from the scalp. The longer your hair, the thinner it will look. 

Pixie Cut 

Following on from the idea above, if you want to go even shorter, you might opt for the pixie cut. This is a very short hairstyle that sits close to the scalp, thereby disguising the thin hair. It can be a very flattering look for some people, but it won’t suit everyone, so it is a good idea to consider your options with your hairdresser. They will, of course, do what you ask, but getting their advice can be useful if you’re not sure what the results might be. 

The beauty of a pixie cut is that the hair becomes very manageable and low maintenance, which is one of the reasons why this look is so popular. 

Thin Hair Women's Hairstyle Ideas

Have A Deep Side Part

Did you know that how you part your hair can actually cause it to become thinner? If you part your hair the same way, it can stress the roots, meaning you lose more hair. 

Switching to a deep side part will reduce that stress and give your hair a chance to grow more healthily, but it will also hide the thinning aspect of your hair while it does so. Plus, it’s a very easy way to get a new look, which is always exciting.

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