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Hair loss during pregnancy

April 12, 2017

Having a child is a beautiful gift but it also takes a massive strain on your body. Some of us struggle to settle into motherhood and late nights, broken sleep and early feeds can all take a toll on your hair making it feel thin and dry. Add to all this, breastfeeding, which directs all your vitamins and minerals to feed your new arrival.

A woman talking on a cell phone

Hair loss during pregnancy

It’s unthinkable that any mum to be or current mum would ever dream of choosing a glossy head of hair in place of our wonderful bundle of joy. But it would be nice to have it all, wouldn’t it? Well, now there is a way. Hairburst is a brand new product which literally provides a burst of vitamins to your hair to help it rejuvenate and revitalise following your pregnancy.

Hairburst is also a great boost to your general health. It also contains a complex of B, C, A and D vitamins which are vital for conditioning your hair and skin. Vitamin B can combat the tiredness which comes from all the late nights and early mornings that you’re dealing with. Vitamin A and D are vital to keep your hair and skin moisturised and ensure cell regrowth providing nutrients to your hair from within.

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Hairburst also provides a variety of minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Folic Acid and hyaluronic acid which contribute to hair health. Hairburst is an all-natural product which has been clinically proven to increase hair growth, stabilise hair loss and condition your hair from the inside. Taking Hairburst will improve your hair’s elasticity, its health, and strength as it contains biotin (vitamin H) and selenium. Biotin helps the body to metabolise fats and carbohydrates.

Biotin also helps the nervous system to function at its optimum helping your body to handle stress. If you are low in Biotin, you will have less energy. Taking biotin supplements helps cells to divide efficiently and regulate DNA development in a growing foetus. This being the case, taking Hairburst can help to replace lost vitamins and minerals after you’ve had your baby.

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Selenium is important for proper thyroid function and protects your body from free radical damage. Not only will Hairburst give you a boost, but if you’re breastfeeding it’s completely safe and you’ll pass on the additional vitamins you’re getting to your baby too! So it really is all good and you’ll have stronger longer healthier shinier hair which grows thicker each week you take it! We are sure that once you try Hairburst, you’ll feel even more mamalicious and have a glossy set of luscious locks to boot!

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