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Flying whilst Pregnant

July 22, 2016

Flying whilst pregnant can be a daunting thought for expectant mums. With many airlines offering individual guidelines, advice and safety regulations, it’s important to be aware of the key facts when carrying special cargo.

Online travel agent eDreams.co.uk has created a helpful infographic to highlight key details for pregnant passengers and new mums.

Although many international airlines have relaxed their regulations on flying whilst pregnant in recent years, it’s always important to be prepared and know the facts before you book in order to ensure your bump is catered for.

What to expect – in the air – when you’re expecting?

Here are eDreams’ top tips to make the journey smoother for expectant mums:

  1. Check your airline restrictions before you book: Flight restrictions often vary, particularly in cases of multiple pregnancy. To avoid any confusion, it’s always best to check details in advance and ensure your due date falls within the guidelines of your chosen airline. You may be asked to provide confirmation from your doctor that you’re fit to fly.
  2. Always consult your doctor: It is highly advisable to seek advice from your doctor before planning or booking your flight. In cases of high-risk pregnancy, this is essential. Your doctor will be able to offer a professional opinion and either approve or decline the recommendation to fly during your pregnancy. 
  3. Leave yourself plenty of time to get around: Keep calm during the transition from home to holiday by allowing plenty of time throughout your journey. Whether you’re travelling from home to the airport or from check-in to the departure gate, stay relaxed by leaving yourself more time than you need to avoid rushing around.
  1. Identify yourself at the airport: Make yourself known to a member of the airline staff who will escort you to the plane, helping you to board safely and monitor you throughout your flight. In some cases, you may be advised to board before other passengers to maximise safety.
  1. Pack the essentials: Taking essential in-flight items such as compression stockings in your hand luggage is highly advisable – these will help to reduce the risk of thrombosis and regulate your blood flow throughout the flight.
  1. Eat sensibly to stay comfortable: Indigestion can cause severe discomfort whilst flying. Avoid fizzy drinks and heavy meals on board to minimise bloating and stay comfortable throughout your journey.
  1. Stay hydrated on board:  It’s important to drink plenty of water while flying to ensure you and your baby stay well hydrated, particularly as the atmospheric climate is much drier in the air than on land. Most airlines will provide glasses of fresh water at no extra charge.
  1. Belt up:  Fasten your seatbelt underneath your bump instead of over it. The abdominal pelvic area is both a safer and more comfortable location to secure your bump and makes things easier should you wish to get out of your seat during your journey. 
  1. Move around: requesting an aisle seat will give you added flexibility on board, meaning you can move around frequently should sitting still become uncomfortable or visit the bathroom without difficulty. It’s important to take short walks whilst on board to reduce health risks.

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