GUEST POST: How to create the perfect Sunday morning breakfast

June 18, 2013
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If you work hard throughout the week, getting up early to make packed lunches, brush hair and supervise breakfast, then you probably treasure the slightly lazier weekend mornings.

If you do, then there’s really nothing better than a good old Sunday morning lie-in with a slap-up breakfast to follow.

Perfect for getting all of the family together and eating some delicious food, Sundays are the ideal day for a little bit of indulgence. So, here are some ideas that you can try out this weekend. Enjoy!

The sophisticated brunch

If you’ve got a busy household to run, making the time to create fancy food isn’t always easy. But sophisticated doesn’t necessarily have to mean posh, and you can whip up an impressive looking brunch in no time.

One of the easiest and tastiest is eggs benedict. The main part of the dish consists of a couple of poached eggs on some buttery English muffins covered in a creamy Hollandaise sauce.

If you don’t have time to make a sauce from scratch, there are lots of really good packets you can buy where you just need to add a little milk or water to the mix.

You can make this dish even more indulgent by adding some bacon, smoked salmon or asparagus to the plate. Finish with a sprinkling of chopped chives and voila!

The buffet

This one works really well if you’ve got young kids or a few guests to stay as, once you’ve done all of the preparation, you can just sit back and let everyone help themselves.

Chop up lots of fresh fruit, boil some eggs, fry some bacon and then grab all of the condiments, sauces, pickles and cheeses out of the fridge.

Finish the spread by powering up your coffee machine to let the delicious aroma float around the room – if you don’t already have one, you can buy coffee machines at Tassimo

Tassimo and Coffee

The all-in-one

Perfect for anyone who hates the washing up, the all-in-one is a simple but effective solution to your breakfast needs.

It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds – everything cooked together in one big pan. But you can vary the ingredient quite a lot in order to achieve different results.

A great variation is made by frying some cherry tomatoes, onions and mushrooms and then adding some beaten egg and scrambling it all together. Finish the dish by throwing in a handful of rocket or spinach and serve on some freshly toasted bread.

So next Sunday don’t be tempted by that slightly stale box of cereal lurking at the back of the cupboard, grab all of your ingredients, get inspired and create something delicious.

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