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Groundhog day, thank goodness for technology

December 2, 2016

Do you ever feel as though you are reliving the same day over and over again? I do. That’s not to say that my days are boring and monotonous, it’s just that I feel as though I am constantly completing the same tasks over and over again. Like a scratched disc that keeps repeating the same sentence time and time again.

Opting to stay at home and look after the children has its perks. From being able to pop my PJs back on after the school run (sorry delivery drivers who look at me confused as to why I would be in my PJ’s at 1pm). To being able to plan my day, my tasks, my Netflix viewing. It does also have a downside, from the continuous amount of housework that seems to appear every day.

This is just one of my little mess monsters…

A small child sitting on a table

I can’t complain, though, technology is my friend when it comes to busting through the housework. When I think back to watching my Granny complete the weekly washing using a twin tub I have no idea how she managed. Spending all day just washing the clothes for the week ahead. Nowadays my washing machine is on at least once a day, every day. If I only had a tumble drier my life would be so much easier and I wouldn’t have to rely on the British weather or hang it all up on a clothes airer in the utility room.

One of the things that I spend the most time doing every day is sweeping or vacuuming up after the children have eaten. Whilst I can understand (to a point) the mess that Piglet makes when she eats, the older two are just as bad. At least three times a day, if not more I am on my hands and knees under the kitchen table sweeping up crumbs etc. Whilst Mr. Boo bought me a cordless vacuum a year or so ago, I’d much prefer a robot vacuum that could be happily cleaning up for me whilst I’m folding the laundry or putting the bin out.

My dishwasher, however, is probably one of my household appliances that I would cry over if it broke down. I really dislike washing dishes, it just feels so dirty. Mr. Boo and I would play the Russian Roulette of who would use the last plate etc when we first moved in to decide who had to wash the dishes. Thankfully as soon as we moved somewhere that could accommodate a dishwasher we bought one.

Whilst I might not like the housework, and it might feel like Groundhog day, I do need to be thankfully for technology otherwise it would take me a whole lot longer to complete!

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