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Great Expectations: Pregnancy & Childbirth and Baby’s First Year {Book Review}

July 31, 2015

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Great Expectations: Pregnancy & Childbirth and Great Expectations: Baby’s First Year included, there’s a wealth of practical wisdom on a baby’s week-by-week development, genetic testing, having a healthy pregnancy, what to buy, setting a routine, feeding, sleep and soothing techniques, and more. Everything a new mother needs to feel confident is right here.

Written by Sandy Jones and Marcie Jones
ISBN: 9781454915935

Great Expectations: Pregnancy & Childbirth

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The book covers six areas of pregnancy and childbirth. Much of the information included is based around the american healthcare system including their terminology however the book does still offer good information and advice throughout.

  1. Your pregnancy week by week – As the title suggests, a week by week account of your changing body, your growing baby and advice on when to book into see your GP, midwife etc.
  2. What (and what not) to worry about – A full run down on the aliments that you may suffer from during pregnancy, whether they are something you should worry about or not and ideas on how to relieve the symptoms.
  3. Managing your nutrition – The age-old eating for two whilst you are pregnant is nothing but a myth so eating healthy has never been more important to ensure that both you and baby are getting all the right nutrition.
  4. Birth – Covering everything from early labour signs, pain relief and labour itself. It also has a section on caesarean sections whether it be emergency or elective – which considering every other pregnancy book I’ve read has a paragraph this is very helpful.
  5. You and your baby – a guide through those early newborn days, your recovery following birth and suggestions on how to get into a routine.
  6. Baby gear primer – The low down on different baby accessories from cribs, baby bouncer chairs to strollers – what to look for and information on whether you think you’ll need the item.

At the back of the book there is a useful reference section including a pregnancy dictionary so that you can look up aliments and words that you find within your health records.

Great Expectations: Baby’s First Year

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The Great Expectations: Baby’s First Year book overlaps from the Great Expectations: Pregnancy & Childbirth covering the last weeks of your pregnancy before moving onto the first year of your baby’s life. As with the other book in this set it is very American but you are still able to gleam advice and ideas from it.

  1. Your baby’s first half-year – covering the last few weeks of pregnancy, child-birth through to Month 5 of baby’s life
  2. Your baby’s second half-year – covering what to expect during months 6-12 of baby’s life
  3. Your baby maintenance guide – advice on newborn basics, feeding and baby-care basics
  4. Gear guide – the baby essentials you will need and the a-z of all baby related items
  5. Managing your first year – advice on recovering from child-birth, your health check ups and getting back into shape
  6. Medical and safety guide – information on how to choose the right doctor (although if on the NHS we don’t get a great deal of say in the matter), the a-z of common baby illnesses and how to keep baby safe including baby-proofing the home
  7. Resource guide – a internet directory of sites that can provide further information during the first year
  8. Parent’s dictionary – a wealth of over 800 baby medical and developmental terms and abbreviations to help understand and guide you through the terminology you might come across

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

As I’m now expecting baby number three I can still remember some of the information from my previous pregnancies however these two books have refreshed my mind along with learning some new advice and ideas. I can see them being a good resource over the coming months, especially the A-Z sections within the books.

Available from Amazon priced at £16.99

Disclosure: I received a copy of Great Expectations: Pregnancy & Childbirth and Baby’s First Year books FOC for the purpose of review.

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