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Gifts That Teenage Girls Will Love!

October 4, 2018

Buying for teenagers isn’t’ the easiest. They know what they like and what they don’t like, and if you get it wrong not only are you going to waste your money but you could also insult them! While teens are far from being adults, under no circumstances do they want to be considered as kids, and so it can make finding an age-appropriate gift somewhat tricky. Whether you have a teenager yourself or you are buying for one, here are a few ideas for different routes you could go down.

A person sitting at a table

Clothes voucher

Teenagers love clothes, but buying clothes for anyone is tricky enough let alone an opinionated teen. For this reason, you’re best to go down the voucher route, that way you can set a budget that works for you and they can pick out things they genuinely like. Most teenagers can never have enough clothes, and while a voucher might not seem like the most personal gift you know it’s something that they are going to use. Rather that than get it wrong and you buy an item that goes to waste. Choose a popular teenage girl clothes shop to buy the voucher from H&M, Primark, New Look and Forever 21 are all examples.


As well as clothes, other accessories are something that just about every teenage girl will appreciate. They’re easier to buy than clothes, and so instead of giving a voucher, you can pick something out yourself. It could be a piece of fine jewellery if your budget is bigger – Pandora and Links of London charm bracelets are both popular with teenage girls. Belly bars make great gifts for those with navel piercings, or if it’s just a token gift you want to give then you can find gorgeous pieces of costume jewellery really cheaply. Whether it’s a statement necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings, you could find something suitable on the high street that won’t break the budget but that any teenage girl would love.

Music subscription

Most of us love music, but teenagers especially tend to be really into it. It makes sense, it’s a time in your life that you’re discovering what you like, music can also be very therapeutic and it holds a significant place in social culture. We’re well beyond the days of giving CDs as gifts, but what you can do is gift a music subscription. A few months of Spotify or Amazon music, for example, would let them listen to as much as they wanted, and it’s a gift that you know is going to get used.

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Technology makes a great gift for just about anyone but is something teens are always going to love. If your budget is bigger, anything from a phone to a tablet to a smart tv will go down a treat. If it’s a little smaller, think about accessories. A Bluetooth speaker or headphones would work well. If you’re buying a token gift, how about a smartphone or tablet case for a device they already have? Other tech gifts could be video games, a VR headset, a drone or a hoverboard amongst other things.

Food and drinks voucher

We all know how teenagers love hanging out with their friends with some tasty food and drink, but it’s not something they can always afford to do. A food or drinks voucher could allow them to enjoy some drink at Starbucks, ice creams at the local ice cream parlour or go out for lunch in a chain restaurant with their best friend. Load up the card with whatever balance you like, and they can use it as and when. So when they’re out shopping or spending the day with friends, they have access to some delicious food and drink.

Beauty products

The teenage years are when a lot of women start taking an interest in beauty and their appearance, and so beauty products often make a good gift for teenage girls. Cosmetics and makeup, skin care products, hair care, bath products and more will allow them to pamper themselves or experiment with their look. You could go with a gift set, or get a box or basket and create your own hamper. If you already know your stuff when it comes to beauty then this will be easy enough and you’ll know what’s good. Otherwise, a quick search of some reviews will tell you what you need to know.

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An experience

If a physical product doesn’t seem quite right or you can’t think of what to get them then an experience day could be a good way to go. Tickets to a concert, theme park or water park, indoor skydiving, a driving experience or a meal such as at a restaurant or an afternoon tea with a friend are all things you could consider. You could always wrap a box with the tickets or letter explaining the experience day so they have the fun of opening something up. Just be sure that you buy two tickets, maybe you plan on going with them, or letting them choose a friend or sibling. Either way, they’ll need someone to go with.

Driving lessons

If your teen is at the age where they can drive in the country you live in, driving lessons can be a wonderful gift. When they eventually pass, essentially your gift will have kept on giving! You could book a block of five, ten or twenty lessons which will initially get them started, from there they can pay for them week by week or use their savings to continue. Either way, being able to drive is a skill that will serve them well throughout the rest of their adult lives. If they’ve expressed an interest in learning, your gift could be the boost they need to get started and eventually go on to pass!

What do you think would make a good gift for a teenage girl? Do you have a teen girl in your life that you struggle to buy for? 

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