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Gift ideas for mums to be during pregnancy

April 16, 2019

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Pregnancy is a crazy time for a mum to be. It seems like everything is happening all at once. Between mum to be feeling tired, exhausted and nauseous in the first trimester, to a growing belly and the aches and pains that can come with it, to cravings and weight gain, and the worry about if the baby is ok, it can be challenging. The mum to be has a lot going on. Why not give the new mum something to brighten her day whilst she is pregnant.

Ways you can help a friend in pregnancy

A person sitting on a bed

Helping with the nausea

If the mum to be is suffering through morning sickness, which doesn’t just happen in the morning,  or heartburn, why not make her a gift basket to help. Fill the basket with things like crackers to snack on, preggo pops or even just lollipops and hard candies. Add in sweet things, like pop tarts or small chocolate bars. Put ginger ale or Lucozade for mum to stay hydrated.

Supporting her bump

As her belly grows it can be very uncomfortable. There are special pregnancy belly bands that take some of the stress on mums back. Even just a body pillow to help while she is laying down can be helpful.

Prenatal Massage

Help mum relax with a massage designed especially for moms to be. It will help mum feel pampered and help relax her sore muscles.

Harmony Ball Necklace

Mums worry about the health of their kids, even before the kids are born. Something to make mum smile is always appreciated. Give mum a Harmony Ball Necklace. What is a Harmony Ball Necklace? The Harmony ball is an Indonesian tradition, however, is also modern and contemporary. The Balinese women wear the pendant when they are pregnant as a way to protect the baby. The tradition of the necklace is said that the angel caller is a kind of protection against dark spirits. Some of the harmony necklaces sold by www.lepetitbola.co.uk/ are actually made in Indonesian, as well as handmade in their workshop in France.

In Western Culture, these necklaces are worn as a way for mothers to bond with their babies. When babies are developing, babies can start to hear around 4 months. There is a small copper ball inside the jewel that produces a melody that is said to rock and calm the baby. After the baby is born, this sounds can be used where the baby can hear it. Mum can hang it over a crib where the baby can hear it.

What other gifts would you recommend for mums to be?

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