Gin and Gin cocktail

Anyone for a gin cocktail?

April 17, 2019

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There are certain drinks and cocktails that just remind me of older times. These are liquors from when I was young that was drunk by older people. I never really thought much about it until recently when some of those older drinks started to become popular again.

Who would have thought that there were alcohols that were fashionable? But when I think about it, I remember when a certain type of beer or cocktail was very popular and then sort of went away. Gin was one of those. It seems like it was around a lot when I was younger and now it is coming back. Gin has become fashionable again.

If you are new to gin or want to try different varieties of gin, I would recommend trying gin miniatures. These are smaller bottles of the brand names or different flavours of gin. This lets you try different styles, like dry or flavoured, to find what kind you like the best.

Gin Cocktails

If you are looking for cocktails that use gin, try these:

Gin and Gin cocktail

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is a great cocktail While many people know it and love it, it can vary on how it is made from place to place. While some of the extra ingredients may vary, the main ingredient, gin, is always the same. One of the most popular recipes includes gin, lime juice, simple syrup, and cherry brandy.

New Orleans Fizz

New Orleans Fizz is an iconic gin drink. While this is a tasty drink, it can be difficult to make. It includes orange water, simple syrup, and egg whites. The egg whites are used as the creaminess part of the drink, and that can be what makes the drink difficult to make.


While the Floradora might not be as well known as some other gin drinks, most people who try it simply love it. The gin is mixed with raspberry for a refreshing light flavour.


Negroni is a classic before dinner cocktail. The gin in this cocktail is mixed together with sweet vermouth and Campari. While this drink is said to be bitter and does require developing a taste for it, it is said that this cocktail stimulates the appetite This cocktail pairs with almost any cuisine, although it is most often served with Italian food.

If you haven’t given gin a chance and want to try something new, try one of these gin cocktail recipes.

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