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Getting the garden ready for Summer

July 7, 2016

With the summer holidays approaching I am looking to making the most of our garden. Not having had a garden before we are still learning about garden maintenance and getting the garden ready for summer.

There are a few jobs that we know that we need to complete, like scrubbing down the patio to remove all the bird poo from the house martins that have  nested on the gable end wall. We’re looking at installing flexi-edge lawn edging around the borders and along the paving edge to give us a clean-cut edge and will make it easier to mow the lawn etc. Then there is cutting of the hedges around the front of the house, which currently looks so untidy.

Getting the garden ready for summer

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Looking for inspiration on what we should be doing and top tips on how to complete jobs I turned to my fellow bloggers for help…

Get the kids to join in and help with clearing dead leaves or weeding, it’s fun for them, outdoor exercise and it’s less for you to do! 🙂 they could also create a fairy garden or s special area for them to look after! – Jen from www.mymummyspennies.com

If you want to cover a large or awkward piece of garden with flowers try using a box of wildflower seed mix, simple to use and so pretty when they bloom – Chantele from www.twoheartsoneroof.com

Tell all your friends you’re planning to do the garden up – you never know what they might offer you! Next weekend we’re picking up a table, four chairs and two sun loungers from a friend – for free! This means we can really splash out on a fancy fire pit now! Holly from www.littlepicklesmom.com

Purchase a pressure washer! It’s not the cheapest initial outlay but it makes cleaning the toys and everything else much quicker and easier – Pippa from www.redrosemummy.com

Give the kids jobs to do so they stay out your way. I give mine gardening gloves, scissors, and a toy wheelbarrow and it keeps them entertained for ages – Clare from www.emmysmummy.com

Upcycle some old garden furniture (or tables that have donated to you by the in-laws) with a new lick of paint. Don’t just go for word varnish as there are so many nice colours out there now – Jo from www.organisedjo.co.uk

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And the cheekiest tip…

Hire a gardener and oversee sipping a cocktail, preferably a sexy gardener – Sarah from mumzilla.co.uk

What are you top tips for getting your garden ready for summer?


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