How to Get Rid of Earwigs in the Home

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in the Home

March 20, 2023


Earwigs are creepy crawlies that can get under your skin. They’re not dangerous, but they’re certainly annoying – especially when they start invading your home.

These tiny pests tend to squeeze their way into any crack or crevice, making it difficult to get rid of them once they’ve taken up residence in your house.

That’s why in this blog post, we’ll show you how to get rid of earwigs for good and enjoy an insect-free home all year round!

Read on and let’s get started!

Ways to Get Rid of Earwigs in the Home

Remove Potential Hiding Places

If you want to get rid of earwigs in your home, one of the best things you can do is remove potential hiding places. Look for any cracks or crevices in your walls or floors, and seal them up with caulk.

You should also check around doors and windows, and make sure there are no gaps that earwigs could sneak through. If you have any drainage pipes or other openings leading outside, make sure they’re properly sealed as well. Once you’ve removed all of their potential hiding places, earwigs will have nowhere to go and will eventually die off.

Fix Any Leaks

If you have any leaks in your home, it’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible. Not only will this help to keep earwigs away, but it will also help to prevent other pests from getting into your home.

You can call a professional to come and take a look at your home and fix any leaks that they find. You can also try to fix the leak yourself. If you’re not sure how to do this, there are plenty of resources available online or at your local hardware store.

You can seal up the area around the leak with caulk or another sealant. This will help to prevent earwigs (and other pests) from getting into your home through the leak.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

If you’re looking for a natural way to kill earwigs in your home, diatomaceous earth is a great option. This fine, powdery substance is made up of fossilized algae and it works by puncturing the exoskeletons of insects, which causes them to dehydrate and die. You can find diatomaceous earth online or at some hardware stores.

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in the Home

Set Up Sticky Traps

If you have a persistent earwig problem, sticky traps are a great way to get rid of them. You can find these traps at your local hardware or home improvement store.

To set up the trap, start by peeling off the backing and sticking the trap to a flat surface like a bookshelf or table leg. Then, add a small amount of bait to the center of the trap. Earwigs are attracted to moisture, so something like fruit juices or honey works well.

Once the trap is baited, wait for the earwigs to be caught. Check the traps daily and dispose of any earwigs that have been caught.

Use Citrus Oil

Citrus oil is a natural insecticide and repellent that can be used to kill and deter earwigs. To use citrus oil, simply mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and spritz it around areas where earwigs are known to congregate, such as in cracks and crevices or near doors and windows.

You can also soak cotton balls in citrus oil and place them in problem areas. Reapply the oil as needed until the earwigs are gone.

Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to get rid of earwigs in the home. These pests are attracted to dark, moist places, so make sure to vacuum any areas where they might be hiding, such as under furniture or in closets. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag after each use to prevent the earwigs from escaping back into your home.

Seal Entry Points

To prevent earwigs from entering your home, start by sealing up any cracks or crevices around the exterior of your house. Look for gaps around doors and windows, as well as any other openings where pests could potentially get in. If you find any potential entry points, seal them up with caulking or another suitable material.

You should also make sure to keep earwigs out of your yard by eliminating their food sources and habitat. Keep your lawn trimmed and tidy, and remove any piles of leaves, mulch, or other organic matter where earwigs could hide. If you have flower beds or garden areas, keep them free of debris and weeds so that earwigs don’t have anywhere to shelter.

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in the Home

Use Boric Acid

If you have an earwig problem in your home, boric acid is a great way to get rid of them. Boric acid is a naturally occurring substance that is safe to use around children and pets.

Simply sprinkle some boric acid powder around the perimeter of your home, or wherever you see earwigs. The earwigs will be attracted to the powder and will ingest it, which will kill them.

Hire a Professional Exterminator

If you have earwigs in your home, you can start your search by looking up pest control near me. Exterminators are trained to identify and eliminate earwigs, and they have the tools and products necessary to get the job done right.

When hiring an exterminator, be sure to ask about their experience with earwigs and whether or not they use Eco-friendly products. You should also inquire about the cost of their services and what type of guarantee they offer. Once you’ve found a reputable exterminator, schedule an appointment and allow them to take care of the problem.

Make Sure to Get Rid of Earwigs Right Away

Earwigs may seem small and harmless, but they can cause significant damage to plants and be a nuisance in your home. For that reason, it is important to take measures to keep them away.

Start with removing their safe havens of moisture and debris, and using insecticides if needed. Don’t hesitate to take action now and get rid of earwigs right away!

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