Take Your Pajamas Out of the House with These 4 Styling Tips

Take Your Pajamas Out of the House with These 4 Styling Tips

September 17, 2021

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“Beauty is pain” is a common saying in the beauty community. And for the most part, that appears to be true. People put in a lot of effort to look good, whether it’s in wearing uncomfortable high heels or setting aside hours to do your makeup. That said, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice everything comfortable to look good. Case in point, have you ever tried pajama dressing?

Wearing your pajamas as outdoor wear may seem like a fashion disaster, but a quick search online will prove otherwise. Influencers, models, and even celebrities have already flaunted their pajamas in public, and they look as chic and classy as ever. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like they’re stopping soon.

Before you hop into this comfy trend and buy women’s pajama tops, having a few styling tips could be useful in upgrading your wardrobe. To help you get started, keep the following tips in mind.

Style How You Wear the Jammies

There are many ways to rock the pajama look with class. One of them is to alter how the pajamas look. If done right, your jammies won’t even look like sleepwear. Here are some of the ways you can style them.

Try Out Knots

Tying the bottom hem of a loose top into a knot will always be hip. The knotted shirt look is a popular go-to in streetwear styling, and there are many different types of tops you can use it on, including pajamas.

Simply take your pajama top—it could be a shirt or button-down—and crunch the bottom hem into a well-tied knot. Place it in the middle of your torso, below your chest for a casually sexy look.

Wear Your Trousers High

High-waisted bottoms are another staple in the fashion community. There are many ways you can do this with pajamas. You can tuck the top into your bottoms to tighten your figure. If you’re wearing a set, consider leaving your button-down top open and match it with a T-shirt bra or a bralette. 

Shorten the Trousers

Nothing beats wearing long pajama bottoms for a good night’s sleep. When you’re wearing them on the streets, however, they can get dirty and grimy. Style your bottoms by folding them up to mid-calf and keeping the fold in place with a well-hidden pin. As a bonus, you can show off your ankles and shoes at the same time.

Add Flourishes 

If you’re looking for something more extra, adding some flourishes along the hems of your pajamas may just do the trick. Mix style with comfort by repurposing your pajamas and sewing on another fabric with a different style along the hems. Not only does it give you something new yet familiar to wear but it also glams up the look by raising your pajamas’ fashion value.

Take Your Pajamas Out of the House with These 4 Styling Tips

Have Fun Matching It with Other Clothes

Matching pajamas with other kinds of clothes may seem tricky, but it really isn’t. All it takes is a sharpened sense of fashion and the confidence to pull it off. To start with, here are some tips that can help you mix and match your clothes.

Plain Against Patterned

If you’re planning to match in terms of design, you can never go wrong with mixing a patterned design against a plain one. The difference in design gives a nice contrast, which will highlight your key clothes and elevate your style. 

Applying this concept to pajamas is simple. If your pajama has intricate designs, match it with single-color clothes. If your pajamas are plain, add a bit of flair by wearing an elaborate piece along with it.

Use Robes as Jackets

Sleepwear robes are just begging to be used as jackets. Whether you have a fluffy robe or a satin one, you can look classy yet remain comfortable by matching the robe with a crisp shirt and fitting bottoms. For a more elegant look, use a bright kimono-inspired robe over an outfit with neutral tones. 

Throw on a Jacket or Blazer

No matter how nice it feels to wear, putting on a slip dress in public may feel like you’re showing too much. However, it’s nothing that a formal jacket or a stylish blazer can’t fix. The juxtaposition between the intimate nightwear and professional overcoat is sure to balance the look and glam up your style.

Throw a Shirt Under the Nightie

If it’s too hot to wear a jacket or blazer outside, you can always wear a shirt under your slip dress. Coupled with a pair of sneakers and a messy bun, you exude “casual and hippie”—perfect for daily streetwear or if you’re going to a music- or art-related event.

Take Your Pajamas Out of the House with These 4 Styling Tips

Coordinate Your Accessories

If styling your pajamas and matching them with other clothes still feel too much work, you can always make up for it with accessories. While the accessories you wear highly depend on your taste, there are some ways you can bring out some elegance in otherwise overly casual sleepwear.

Be Bold with Shoes

There’s not a lot of footwear that speaks chic like high-heels. Matching a pajama set with a couple of heels immediately makes it look more classy. The increased leverage of the heels will also help keep the hems of your pajama bottoms neat and tidy.

If wearing high-heels is not up your alley, you can always go with flats like Mary Janes. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more casual look, high-cut sneakers or ankle boots will look great with a slip dress. 

Use Complementing Jewelry and Bags

An easy tip for wearing jewelry and bags is to match those with a similar color. For example, if you’re wearing silver jewelry, going with a silver bag is a safe pick. That said, you can always go for a neutral-colored bag (like black or white), which looks good with a lot of clothes, including pajamas.

Take Your Pajamas Out of the House with These 4 Styling Tips

Stick with a Color Theme

Colors play a significant role in fashion. If you wish to conquer pajama dressing, it is essential to have the basics patted down. Here are some tips you should know when it comes to choosing colors when dressing in jammies.

Use Different Shades of the Same Color

One of the easiest ways to unify your outfit is to use items with a similar shade of color. To achieve this, simply use the color of your pajamas as the base color (e.g. pink) and choose accessories that correspond with that. Using the pink example, you can use a hot pink bag and fuchsia heels to complete the look. The pajamas will serve as a solid foundation for the colors and allow you to strut your stuff with no worries.

Contrast is Key

There’s something beautiful about outfits displaying a level of contrast. Some common examples include a white shirt with navy blue jeans or a dark bag against a light-colored dress. This may seem tougher to accomplish with pajama top and bottom sets, but no worries. There are two simple ways you can accomplish this.

Firstly, match your jammies with neutral-colored accessories, primarily white, silver, or black. You can’t go wrong with this color combo. If you want something more striking, however, opt for a two- or three-color theme. The latter works well when your pajamas have a unique color design. 

Conclusion: It’s All About Confidence

There are countless ways to pull off pajama dressing, and the tips above are just some of the few ways you can achieve it. That said, part of creativity is also breaking the rules and finding your own personal style. After all, no matter how you wear your jammies, it’s also about your attitude in wearing them. When done with confidence, even wearing pajamas can look chic and cool.

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