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Four Pushchair Accessories

April 10, 2016

Choosing the right pushchair for you and your baby can take some time. There are so many things to consider when buying a pushchair from style, size and even colour (trust me colour is a huge factor). Once you have found your perfect pushchair there are some pushchair accessories that you might want to consider purchasing…

Changing Bag

For me, a changing bag is just as important style wise as it is in practicality. When choosing a changing bag for yourself, consider three things…

  1. Do you want it to match your pushchair?
    if so, then purchase a branded bag or possibly a classic black design
  2. Do you want more of a handbag style bag rather than changing bag?
    if so, consider a BabyMoov city or glitter changing bag
  3. Do you want a bag that reflects your personality?
    if so, try Pink Lining for funky bags with many different designs available such as butterflies, bows and bees to name but a few.

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With all three of my children having November birthdays (poor planning on my behalf), a footmuff was essential for those cold winter days. A footmuff or cosy toes will help keep your little one warm and snuggly, especially important when they are very small but a footmuff is something that you will use right up until they no longer need to use a pushchair so making sure you have one is important.

Not all pushchairs will have a footmuff included as standard so you might want to check this before you order. When choosing a footmuff it is always better to try to purchase the same brand as your pushchair to ensure you get the correct fit, however, there are several universal footmuffs available to buy which may fit your pushchair.


When the sun finally decides to shine a parasol will become invaluable to help shield your little one’s face from the bright sunlight.

If you are looking for something to provide more shade especially for when your baby is sleeping in their pushchair then a SnoozeShade would be a great buy. This offers your baby shelter from the sun whilst being breathable so that they do not overheat.


Depending on the style of your pushchair you might have a small or large basket underneath to carry shopping, book bags on the school run as well as baby’s bits and bobs. Having easy access to some essentials will make life so much easier. I’d recommend a pushchair organiser that you can attach to the handlebars to carry juice cups, keys, your phone and muslin cloths. Having these items on hand means that you are able to grab things on the go without having to empty the basket underneath to find their juice cup or a cloth if they have made a mess etc.

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What are your pushchair accessory must-haves?

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