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Four practical but fun home kitchen gift ideas

June 28, 2016

When it comes to gift buying there are so many reasons we can find to buy our family and friends something special. Birthdays, Christmases and Anniversaries are the must gift dates, however, what about when the move home? Whether they are moving out for the first time, moving in with someone special or just found a new place to call home.

Home gifts might seem a little mundane, a bottle of wine, a welcome mat or something essential like a kettle etc. So why not treat them to something practical but fun, especially for the kitchen. I found some interesting home gifts on www.gifts.co.uk, take a look at my top picks.

Four practical but fun home kitchen gift ideas

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Cookbook, Tablet & iPad Holder

Whether you have one of those glossy magazine look kitchens or a more practical family kitchen space is always an issue. None more so than when you are cooking and trying to follow a recipe.

A kitchen with a table and looking at the cameraWhilst I have a selection of cookbooks (gathering dust) on my shelves I often turn to the internet for new, fun recipes to try out. Looking them up on my tablet is the easy part, trying not to spill something on it isn’t as easy.

The Cookbook, Tablet & iPad Holder allows you to hold your recipe out of the way of the work surface whilst you are preparing the food and fold away underneath your kitchen cabinet when not in use.

Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Calendar

A person taking a selfieAnyone who knows me knows that my calendar is important to me. If it’s not on the calendar then it’s not happening. I need to know at a glance where everyone is supposed to be and whether or not we are able to make an appointment or school event etc.

The Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Calendar is perfect for keeping track of events happening that week. It could be used for so many different things too, including meal planning, or noting down feed times for baby.

Till Roll Shopping List Assistant

There are two types of people in this world, those who make lists and those who don’t. If you are the former then we would get on swimmingly. Writing lists helps me brain dump so whether I’m writing down my to-do list for the day, noting down my Christmas card list or making a list for my next food shop.

A close up of a deviceThe Till Roll Shopping List Assistant is a funky way of ensuring that you have enough space to complete your list. Whenever I’m writing my shopping list I always manage to run out of space on whatever piece of paper I have been able to scramble together.

This allows you to note down everything you need, then simply tear off your list and take it with you. Also very helpful for writing a to-do list for him indoors which you can tear off and hand over as you head out for the day!

Cute Cookie Stamps

If you’re looking for the gift that keeps giving then baking accessories are the way forward. Hopefully, the person you are buying for will take the hint and bake you something delicious as a thank you for their new accessory.

Cookie and KitchenThese Cute Cookie Stamps are the perfect funky gift idea, which you could choose to make a batch of cookies and include the cookie stamps inside the gift box. Or hand them over with a hamper of the ingredients for the ultimate baking hint and sit back to wait for delicious cookies.

What practical but fun home kitchen gifts would you give?


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