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Five kitchen decorating ideas

September 6, 2015

Over the past few months we have been carrying out some renovation projects to our home. Like all renovations plans they are taking longer than expected but I think I am finally beginning to see the end in sight.

One of the rooms we have had some work to is our kitchen. Our original plan was to keep the cabinets and worktops and tile the kitchen throughout to give it a clean, fresh feeling. However after liaising with several tradesmen we opted to only tile up to halfway way around the room which still gives that clean, fresh feel especially as we chose larger rectangular tiles however this means we are able to add in some colour and accessories into the room without it looking to clinical.

With the tiles up on the wall it has transformed the space already and now the task of choosing a colour for the remainder of the walls and finding accessories starts. This is the fun part, although it’s difficult to really get a feel for a colour until you have seen at least one wall painted (lets hope for Mr Boo’s sake that I make up my mind quickly). I’ve been searching for kitchen decorating ideas and have been a little surprised at just how much there is to choose from. Let me show you some of the ideas I’m loving…

Five kitchen decorating ideas

1. Blackboard

Having only a small galley style kitchen means that dedicating a whole wall to a blackboard isn’t the most feasible idea however I really like the idea of adding quotes, meal planning ideas as well as the children being able to leave me little doodles on the blackboard.

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2. Eye catching window treatment

We are lucky enough to have a large window within the kitchen, which does make the room light and bright. However at times throughout the day you really need something to pull down to shade the room otherwise you are blinded by the sun when washing the dishes. I love the idea of a funky blind that I can pull down and become a feature within the room rather than just something that is practical.

3. Open storage

Whilst we need to have some good built-in storage for a small kitchen it does annoy me that I’m forever opening and shutting doors and drawers. The items that I am using everyday need to be within easy reach and I’m loving the selection of open storage pots, holders and shelves that are currently available. Adding a couple of these to the window sill or next to the cooker will really make cooking for the family easier as everything is available to hand.

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4. Hide those appliances

Appliances make our lives easier – fact. They are however not the most stylish of items so why have them on display? We are lucky enough that our kitchen cabinet doors are still available so we’ve started to look into hiding the washing machine, dishwasher and possibly our fridge freezer too. Especially in a small kitchen appliances can feel like they are taking up a large proportion of the space available so hiding them behind cabinet doors makes the kitchen look more uniform and less like an electrical store.

5. Multi-functional lighting

Gone are the days when rooms including the kitchen only had a central light. Providing functional lighting is important in almost any room and none more so than in a kitchen. Under cabinet lighting can provide task lighting for when you are preparing food. Lighting above cabinets can provide mood lighting when you are entertaining or a soft light when you are grabbing a glass of water in the middle of the night. As you have to go through our kitchen to access the bathroom I love the idea of adding LED lights below the base cabinets to light the way in the night to save the children having to pop the main light on.

What do you think of my kitchen decorating ideas?

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