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Fire Safety Tips For The Home From Ironmongery Experts

June 14, 2018

Firstly, it is important to know what to do in your home in the event of a fire.

The Suffolk government website simplifies exactly what a family should do in the event of a fire.

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If you hear a smoke alarm or discover a fire

  • try not to panic
  • tell everyone in the house
  • using your pre-planned escape route, get everyone out of the building as quickly as possible
  • smoke rises so stay low or crawl on the floor in the cleaner air where it’s easier to breathe
  • don’t stop to collect any valuables or possessions
  • don’t stop to look for pets
  • if possible, close the door to the room where the fire is located and close all doors behind you as you leave (to delay the spread of fire and smoke)
  • before opening a closed door, touch it with the back of your hand; don’t open it if feels warm – the fire will be on the other side

Don’t go back into the building

  • find somewhere safe near the building and wait for the fire service to arrive
  • if someone is still inside the building, tell the fire service and give details
  • don’t go back into the building; you’ll prevent the fire service from doing what they need to do and put your own life at risk too

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Ironmongery Experts is leading provider of fire safety equipment and ironmongery architecture. Within their range of products, they have a device called a Dorgard fire door retainer. This clever innovation allows fire doors to remain open and automatically closes upon the sound of a fire alarm.

Many people consider such a product to only be applicable to commercial establishments rather than domestic buildings. However, fire door retainers can actually be installed in the home. Aiding ventilation of air and the automatic closure of doors in case of a fire emergency.

As well as fire door retainers, Fire and smoke seals are another product that would certainly bolster fire safety within any home. They provide doorways with greater structural integrity as they expand once exposed to extreme heat, forming a robust shielding for any gaps. Plus prevent the spread of smoke and fire within the building.

If you’re interested in a range of products to safeguard your family in the rare occurrence of a fire, we recommend viewing the Ironmongery Experts website: ironmongeryexperts.co.uk.

Besides installing fire safety products, there are some simple methods that can help reduce the risk of fire. Many fires are caused by electrical equipment, so remember to switch off and unplug all appliances and devices when not in use.

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This article was written by recent first-time father David Newman. David is the managing director of eCommerce Magento agency Ad Lab.

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