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Beautiful baby safe paint to protect your Little Knights

July 27, 2017

With so many paints and colours on the market, choosing the right one for your child’s nursery can sometimes be an unwanted headache. But what if there was a paint range that offered a perfect blend of exquisite colours with reassuring safety features to enable you to use during pregnancy – or even when your bundle of joy is born and in the room with you.

Now there is thanks to exclusive paint range Little Knights which prides itself on important health messages every bit as the wonderful lasting finished product on the walls of your home.

Beautiful baby safe paint to protect your Little Knights

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What makes it so safe?

Unlike most traditional paints, Little Knights contain no VOC chemicals (volatile organic compounds) which have been found to be harmful and cause dizziness and nausea in young children.

Little Knights fights back against germs, bacteria, and pollution in the home by being anti-bacterial while also helping to absorb formaldehyde from the air.

It is also environmentally friendly, posing no danger to the waterways when brushes are rinsed under the tap.

These properties have not come about by chance. Little Knights paint has been developed with the benefit of many years of experience and using ground-breaking new technology.

The result is one of the safest paint products around with no unpleasant paint fumes and complete piece of mind for any expectant parent.

Paint and Little Knights

Expertly-chosen colours inspired by the countryside

Little Knights is even versatile enough to paint a cot, whether new or second-hand, with its unique safety features primed and ready for babies sleeping in it or gnawing on the surface.

These unique safety measures are coupled with a small but perfect range of colours that offer the ideal solution for any type of nursery or bedroom – from Hazy Sunshine to Stour Blue, Pink Blossom to Gardner Green.

Many of the expertly chosen colours are inspired by the beautiful Suffolk countryside, including Constable Clouds and Gainsborough Wash while Apricot Ice Cream evokes memories of strolling along the seafront at Aldeburgh.

This mix of perfectly formed and versatile colours and huge safety features have seen Little Knights shortlisted for a Junior Design Award while the company’s commitment to producing a healthy product has seen them partner up with Asthma UK and local schools.

To find out more about Little Knights, please visit www.little-knights.co.uk.

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Five top tips for painting your home

Prepare the surface

If you want a stunning end result, it is crucial you take as much time as is needed to get your walls and ceilings in the right state for painting. All surfaces need to be clean, dust-free, smooth and dry so the paint goes on properly.

Mix paints for a consistent colour

Although you may be using the same paint, its colour is likely to vary slightly from can to can. To avoid this, work out roughly how much paint you need and mix them all in a larger bucket, so you are working from one batch of paint.

Buy quality brushes and rollers

If you have spent time and money on high-quality paint, it doesn’t make sense to skimp on brushes, rollers or painter tape. By buying a high-quality kit, the paint will apply better and the tape will work better sealing out any dribbles.

Keep a wet edge to avoid lap marks

Lap marks are the name for the stripes that appear when you roll over paint that’s already dry. To avoid this, you must keep a wet edge, so each pass of the roller goes over the previous stroke before the paint begins to dry.

Use a roller to paint along edges

When you paint up tight to door frames or skirting boards with a paint brush, you should also go over it with a small roller to ensure the texture around the edges is the same as the rest of the wall. Do this by brushing on the paint, then rolling it out before the paint dries.

To find more decorating tips from the Little Knights team, please visit https://www.little-knights.co.uk/blogs/news/tagged/decorating-tips.

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