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Femme Luxe | Teen fashion: comfort as well as style

June 9, 2021

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Teenagers today have a top priority when it comes to their fashion. That is comfort! It doesn’t matter whether they are going shopping, meeting friends, staying at home watching Netflix, or attending school on a non-uniform day. Comfort, as well as style, are key ingredients to put a complete look together. 

There is a comfortable style and look for most occasions, and teenagers have it on point when it comes to completing the look. So let’s explore some of the options and situations and how having a “comfort” approach to the look is possible and achievable. 

When do they need to consider their outfits?

The truth is, any teenager who has a keen interest in how they look and appear won’t ever be leaving the house without their hair in place, and for the girls, their makeup is done. It is just the way they are. Remember the white eyeliner, bright blue eyeshadow, glitter, and pink lipgloss we grew up with? It is a whole different world out there now. There are many situations in which a teen will need to put an outfit together, thinking about comfort as well as style:

Femme Luxe Loungewear
  • Staying at home – yes believe it or not your teenager will want to look their best just in case someone calls around or they head out last minute. A full blow dry and the perfect loungewear will complete the look. Even if they end up on their phones or just watching Netflix, they will look amazing, but feel comfortable as well. 
  • Meeting friends – obviously, they will want to look their best if they are meeting friends and so will take time to consider their outfits. A great option they may consider here might be co-ord sets. This look is very “on trend” right now and some of the options include leggings, crop tops, shorts, and tops. Perfect for summer. 
  • Non-uniform day at school – Of course there will be times when they may be reasons to head into school and not wear the usual uniform. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish and look the part. Comfort is key in this environment, after all, most of the time is spent sitting at a desk and studying away. A tracksuit might be a great choice here, teamed with some trainers and a casual hooded top. 
  • Shopping – heading to the shops is a pastime many teenagers will still enjoy doing during the school holidays and on the weekends. So you may want to consider how you dress. After all, it can be exhausting looking around the shops and carrying all of those bags. 

What sort of outfits usually fit the criteria?

When it comes to comfort, it is all about the materials. But choosing this option doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and fashionable. You can have an influence on the colour and style, and how you dress up the overall look with the choice of shoes and accessories. Here are some of the comfortable optional outfits that could suit many different situations. 

Femme Luxe Loungewear


Loungewear has become a staple in all wardrobes recently. As there have been many lockdowns, it seems that we have all grown accustomed to being at home. You can find some incredible loungewear sets online and they are not only stylish now and acceptable to be worn, but they are extremely comfortable to wear. Whether you are travelling, staying at home, or even meeting up with friends, you can get away with wearing loungewear and it can be a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Pastels and lighter colours

Right now the sun is shining, and the trend is pastel shades and lighter colours, so you can embrace this when it comes to putting a look together. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a grey loungewear set or want a pastel pink hoodie and tracksuit combo, however you wear it, choosing pastels means it is always going to look stylish. 

Co-ord sets 

Another new trend that doesn’t seem to be going away is the co-ord sets. For those that are not in the know, a co-ord is a coordinated outfit. So the top matches the bottom. This might be in colour and material as well as style. They can be very flattering and it doesn’t matter what style you are going for, there will be a co-ord set to match your needs. Shorts and tops, crops and leggings. A sports look or a night on the town, there will be something for you. 


The trend of wearing activewear is actually stylish. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a run or heading to the gym, or you are staying home or just doing the school run, athleisure is here to stay. Many teens embrace this look and trend. It is comfortable and forgiving, which is why it has become a staple for many ages. Leggings, long or three quarter in length, teamed with vests, hoodies, crop tops in the summer, and t-shirts. It is a great look and one that you should embrace. 

Femme Luxe Loungewear

Other factors to consider to complete a comfortable stylish look

There are some other factors to consider when it comes to the overall look that can help transform an outfit from looks drab to stylish. Here are a couple of things to consider. 


With any outfit, the choice of accessories can transform the look. Even though you are focusing on comfort, adding earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can give the look a more luxe feel. You also need to consider things such as the shoes, whether it is trainers, boots or shoes, whatever the choice, it can help to make your look unique. It is also an easy way to transform a look from day to night. 

General appearance

The general appearance is a great way to make a comfortable look stylish. Whether it is making sure your hair is in place, your makeup is done and you feel great, then it can transform a comfortable style into something more stylish. 

Femme Luxe Loungewear

Hopefully, this will encourage you to follow the lead of our teens and embrace a comfortable look from Femme Luxe.

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