A small child sitting on a couch holding a baby

Fantastic Beasts, Stationery and Star Wars #LittleLoves

April 29, 2017

What happened to the lovely Spring weather? It has been replaced by the wind and the rain, and I for one am not loving it. Just when the children had started to where their summer uniform, it was time to dig out the trousers and tights once again.


Before I started writing my own blog, I would read other blogs whilst I was on maternity leave with Tigger. I’d open up my Google Reader (oh how I miss that) and read posts from some of my favourite sites. Despite starting the year hoping to get back into reading more of my fellow blogger’s posts I have been a little slack. With Piglet ill again over the weekend, it gave me the opportunity to work my way through my Bloglovin feed.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Roo and I went to see this at the cinema, however, Mr. Boo and Tigger hadn’t seen it. With a busy week and illness passing through the house, Sunday seemed the perfect time to all sit down and enjoy the film. Oh, how I want a niffler!


Whenever a new NOW album is released Mr. Boo always goes out to buy it. Somehow NOW 96 ended up in my car (I suspect Roo requested it when they went to her swimming lesson). Anyway, as I drove along listening to it I suddenly felt very old and out of touch. Not only have I not heard of half od the songs, they sounded awful.


I’ve been rediscovering my love of colouring this week. As it’s National Stationery Week it’s been lovely to go through my stationery stash and experiment with pens and pencils.

A pencil on a wooden table


Tigger possibly has the least number of pairs of shoes in our house. He is content with his school shoes, trainers, and wellies. However, he spotted a pair of Star Wars slip-on plimsolls on the sale rack whilst we were in Sainsbury’s. Thankfully they were just his size and at just £3.75 a complete bargain too.


A small child sitting on a couch holding a baby

Piglet has had her two settling in sessions at nursery this week. Thankfully she is quite a sociable child so hasn’t fussed about mixing with the other children. Fingers crossed she’ll be happy to attend the two mornings I have her booked in.

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