A large passenger jet sitting on top of a tarmac

Tips for the airport when you are travelling as a family

July 24, 2019

Airports can be a nightmare if you are travelling as a family. If you are not there at least one hour earlier than usual, you may even miss your flight. However, there are ways to make things smooth when you travel with your family through an airport. Here is our selection of tips for the airport when you are travelling as a family…

A large passenger jet sitting on top of a tarmac

Get there at least one hour earlier than usual

We already mentioned it, but it is worth to emphasize it. The extra hour will give you the necessary time to go to the bathroom, get a snack, buy something you missed, and go to the bathroom again. To make sure you are safe on this rule, write down on all your travel plans the departure time one hour earlier. That will keep you safe from getting late.

Documenting Baggage

Ensuring that you have all the relevant documentation with you in a handy travel wallet will help check in go much smoother. Documenting baggage is an excellent idea when travelling as a family. You don’t have to deal with juggling luggage and people. Try to put everything in your allocated suitcase and keeping hand luggage to a minimum. This will free up your hands to handle documents, take care of your children, and carry the last minute shopping somebody will do while you wait for your plane.

A bag of luggage sitting on top of a table

Pack wisely

The previous advice leads us to packing. When you travel with family, the worst you can do is get a single jumbo suitcase for everyone. The best is to fit each persons’ goods in one small suitcase each, then make each person responsible for their suitcase.

When you count your luggage, you should have as many packages as people. Leave some empty space so that you can fit your shopping when you come back. There is always a souvenir you want to take home. If you have no space, it will be a packing nightmare when you want to return home.

Luggage Labeling

Label all your luggage with a string of the same colour. Make it an original and different from the label, and ensure you put it on everyone’s suitcases. When you are waiting for your bags on your bags coming off the plane, you will recognise them easily. This is a great way to avoid confusions.

What are your tips for travelling as a family?

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