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Essential Space Saving Solutions For Your Home

September 22, 2016

Anyone with a family will know that space in the home comes at a premium. No matter how organised and tidy you are, it’s always a struggle to find enough room, so that everything has a proper place to be returned to. Luckily, there are some clever solutions that can help you save room and get more out of the space in your home. Carry on reading to find out more.

Under Stairs

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The stairs tend to be a pretty big feature in most homes, and of course, they are essential! But they can also be hiding lots of unused space. That is why some clever people have realised that they can actually be used for storage as well as just moving between the floors.

There are two main ways of using your staircase for storage and they mostly depend on of how they are built.

If you have stairs that are enclosed on both sides with walls, then you will need to look at each stair as the basis for your extra storage. Basically underneath the plate of the stair is a hollow box, which if accessible can be used to keep things in.

The way to do this is to remove the fix stair plate and replace it with a hinged one. This makes it easy to get to the items stored within and still use the steps for their original purpose. Remember though that it’s important that they are still able to support the weight of those using them. They also have to maintain their structural integrity as well.

The other storage solution for stairs is if they have one or both faces open, usually with banisters up the sides for safety. If this is the case then, the wall space under the steps is doing to waste. This can be turned into clever cupboard area instead of being left empty.

Sofa Beds

Another great way of using the space you have effectively in your home is to buy a sofa bed chair. This means you can use the room you put it in for more than one purpose.

For example, instead of having permanent spare room for guests, that is left empty most of the time. Why not use it as a home office, then as the sofa bed is already in there, it can easily be used to house guests when they need to stay.


The kitchen can be a tough room to get any more space out of. This is because most kitchens are built-in. That, the cupboards and appliance are in fixed positions. This can create a real problem if your kitchen is too crowded, because how then can you conjure up any more room?

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Well, it might be that you will have to address the built-in layout. To create more space, but not compromise on light, how about adding widely spaced shelves across the window area? This can then frees up cupboard space, or creates room for an extra appliance like a washing machine.

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