Creating my home office

After receiving my notice of redundancy I have begun to think about what I am going to next. For the first time, I am contemplating how I can work from home rather than try to find childcare for Piglet as well and work out how we would manage the school runs each day.

Working from home seems the logical choice and I’m hoping that my freelance work which I have completed alongside my day job will continue to grow and offer me a good enough return so that I don’t have to worry about going out to work until Piglet starts school.

In order for me to work from home, I need to have the space in which to work efficiently. Perched on the corner of the dining table or the sofa isn’t exactly ideal so I have created to create my home office in our bedroom. We are quite lucky in that we have a large bedroom in which I am able to add a desk, chair, filing cabinet, and storage unit.


With the main furniture in place, I have started to think about all the accessories that make up a home office. As I’m on reduced income at the money I’m keen to try to save as much money as possible, so I’ve headed over to a new site I have discovered Every Day Is Black Friday. With a range of different retailers to choose from they highlight all the fantastic sales and offers currently running.

I’ve been stalking the Argos sale after seeing their range of colour match products at a Christmas in July event, I now have a thing for their purple fizz range and managed to order a beautiful desk lamp which had a 13% saving on it – fab! I managed to get a new labeling machine in the Amazon Prime Day and I’m now on the look out for some new desk stationery, hole punch, stapler etc.

In some ways, it feels funny setting up a home office as I’ve always been so used to heading out to work in an office. However, I feel that by setting up the space it will make me get into work mode easier and hopefully will make me more productive.

Do you have a home office?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, however, I am setting up my home office and have ordered a beautiful purple fizz lamp for my desk.



  1. htmlg
    October 16, 2016 / 10:37 am

    I was looking for this lamp on Argos. Is it the one named ColourMatch Round Ceramic Table Lamp – Purple Fizz?

  2. Boo
    October 16, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    Yes it is

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