Drumond Park Catch Phrase {#Review} (ID 6724)

Drumond Park Catch Phrase {#Review}

May 7, 2014

Following its triumphant return – in the capable hands of Stephen Mulhern and longstanding mascot, Mr Chips – to UK TV screens, ITV’s hugely popular All New CATCH PHRASE enjoyed peak viewing figures approaching 5 million a night and secured a legion of avid fans old and new.

Now the game is available to enjoy in real time, to play along with family and friends!

Drumond Park Catch Phrase

Game play is straightforward and follows the frenetic, fun-filled format of the show – but here, to add to the fun, everyone takes a turn to step into the hallowed shoes of the Host. The ultimate aim is to accrue the most ‘money’ by guessing Catch Phrase puzzles over each of the rounds… with increasing amounts of ‘prize money’ on offer.

Each player keeps his or her accumulated winnings, as play passes from Host to Host – and the person with the most money after everyone has played Host is declared the winner. It’s a battle of wit and brainteasers – a veritable twirl of tongue twisters and picture puzzles that’ll have you shouting out with frustration or jumping for joy when the penny drops and you’re able to literally “Say what you see!”.

This hugely entertaining, hilarious new board game is a faithful rendition of the much-loved TV game show. It’s excellent value for money and guaranteed to provide hours of raucous family fun and frivolity for all!


  • 96 Double Sided Regular Catch Phrase Cards
  • 15 Double Sided Bonus Catch Phrase Cards
  • 48 Single Sided Super Catch Phrase Cards
  • 1 x Mr. Chips Card Holder
  • 1 x Bonus Catch Phrase Picture Frame
  • 9 x Window Covers
  • 1 x Bonus Frame Clip
  • Sand Timer
  • Red Filter
  • 60 Banknotes (30 x £100, 20 x £500, 10 x £1000)

How to play:

Object of the game:

To collect the most money by guessing Catch Phrase puzzles.

Getting ready to play:
  • Assemble the Mr. Chips card holder.
  • Divide the Catch Phrase cards into two sets – one set with a Catch Phrase on ONE side (Super Catch Phrases) and the other set with a Catch Phrase on BOTH sides (Regular Catch Phrases).
  • Lay out the bank notes.
  • Decide who will be Host for the first game.
  • The Host picks a Bonus Catch Phrase card and puts it into the frame
Game play is made up of three rounds and a bonus catch phrases:
  • Round 1: Individual Round – In this round each player tries to solve Catch Phrases on their own. 
  • Bonus Catch Phrases (Round 1 only) – If a player gets a regular Catch Phrase right, the Host reveals one square on the Bonus Catch Phrase frame and the player gets ONE guess at what the Bonus Catch Phrase is.
  • Round 2: Rapid Fire Round – The Host again uses Regular Catch Phrase cards for the Rapid Fire round but during this turn everyone plays at the same time.
  • Round 3: Super Catch Phrase Round – In this Round the Host puts Super Catch Phrase cards picture-side-down on each of the six card spaces on the Super Catch Phrase Board.

Once the super Catch Phrase round is complete you change host and continue until all players have had a turn at playing host. The player with the most money after everyone has played Host is the winner.

For the full rules please click here.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Catch Phrase is one of those classic TV shows from mine and Mr Boo’s youth so we were interested to see how it would work as a board game. When you are playing with just two players (like we did) the game play can be a little limited. Although we tweaked he rules and held a fast fire round to see who could answer the most catch phrases within a set time limit. With just 30 Catch Phrase cards included within the game I could see these being easily remembered.

Catch Phrase has a RRP of £19.99 whichI think is good value for money. although I would love to see additional card packs sold separately to vary up game play. It is available from Amazon, Argos and all other good toy retailers. 

Disclosure: We received Catch Phrase from Drumond Park FOC for the purpose of review.
This post also contains an affiliate link for your buying convenience.

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