Dream Seekers Zara Doll

Dream Seekers | sharing their dreams and inspire you to follow yours

November 6, 2021

Dream Seekers are the mystical friends who are here to share their dreams and inspire you to follow yours!

As parents, we all want our children to follow their dreams, letting them know that almost anything is in reach for them if they worked hard and believe in themselves. The beautiful Dream Seekers dolls from Character Toys help to keep children’s dreams safe whilst wishing for them to come true.

Dream Seekers

Dream Seekers Zara Doll

Key features

  • Adorable soft bodied ‘ragdoll’ inspired fairies with soft material bodies with long arms and legs
  • Magical fashion-conscious fairies are full of style with removeable outfits, accessories and charming wings.
  • Every Dream Seeker has delicately rooted gorgeous long hair with individually designed hair ribbons
  • The ‘Dream Mark’ on their wrist represents the doll’s personality and dream that they seek
  • The Dream Seekers will keep your dreams safe and wish for it to come true

Piglet loved the new Dream Seekers Zara doll. A free spirit she believes that everyone has the freedom to be their own kind of beautiful. Her beautiful long purple hair comes with interchangeable hair accessories and a comb for Piglet to style her hair depending on her mood.

With a soft, ragdoll nature to the Dream Seekers with the beautiful wings, they make for a loveable friend to hold on to, take on adventures or watch over them during the night. Sharing dreams, wishes, thought and feelings. The Dream Seekers dolls can be a wonderful confidant to little ones especially those who are a little anxious or emotionally guarded.

Meet the Dream Seeker Girls

Luna – A dancer and will stop at nothing until she reaches her dreams! She believes that confidence can help everyone achieve their dreams!

Bella – An animal lover! She dreams that all animals will be treated with love and kindness!

Hope – Always beaming with colour and positivity! She dreams that everyone can find their own rainbow of happiness!

Zara – Simply true to herself! A free spirit, she believes and dreams that everyone has the freedom to be their own kind of beautiful. Her magical outfit reflects this in its delicate floral design and butterfly motifs.

Where can you buy the Dream Seekers Dolls?

The Dream Seekers dolls are available to buy from Smyths Toys Superstores in a range of different colours/personalities – the hardest part will be picking your favourite!

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