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Drayton Manor // The last day of summer

September 8, 2018

Some would say that the last day of the school summer holidays is to be consumed by the practicalities of the new school year. Double checking that school uniform is all bought (and still fits), is pressed and labelled. Before being laid out ready with shoes and bags for the morning hustle and bustle that is the school run.

We’re not that family. We’re the family that opts to make the most of the school summer holidays until the very last minute. With our last day of summer being spent at Drayton Manor.

Whilst Mr Boo had to work, I packed up the children – plus an extra one who we were kidnapping babysitting (can you babysit an eleven-year-old?). Before heading off on a chatter filled journey with the occasional carpool karaoke thrown in for good measure.

A man sitting on a bus

Drayton Manor // Fun for all the ages

Although we have been visiting Drayton Manor since Roo was two years old. One of the things that keeps us coming back is that there is something for everyone. I’m not sure you’re ever too old for the fun of Thomas Land. With Piglet making the most of one on one time with me on the rides. Whilst Roo, Callie and Tigger rode the rides together.

The Drayton Manor Zoo is perfect for slowing the pace down a little. Plus who doesn’t love to visit all the different animals – unless it is the reptile house and then maybe you can take it or leave it. The Meerkats have to be one of Piglet’s favourites, she is fascinated by them. Possibly because she displays many of their characteristics – especially if someone mentions dinner!

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Whilst the main Drayton Manor Park offers the more thrilling rides for big kids, adults or adventurous little ones.

Time to refuel

A few years ago Drayton Manor added a fish and chip shop next to the lake (near the Buffalo). So when it came time to stop to refuel we headed over there for sausage and chips. With the ducks suddenly noticing that we had delicious chips, they made their way over to our table. Piglet loved this and thought that they were wonderful. The older ones not so much but I think that’s because they didn’t fancy sharing their lunches.

I want to sit next to…

The three older ones decided to take it in turns to sit next to each other in the rides. Which was so sweet to watch, although did mean that they were going back in the same ride three times in a row. If that had been me I’m not sure my stomach could have taken it. But they had a whale of a time, with the troublesome trucks, buffalo and accelerator their favourites of the day.

Thankfully Piglet enjoyed a slower pace with train rides, Sodor cars and the blue mountain mystery occupying her time and time again.

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A photo call with Sir Topham Hat

Now I know that it is no longer politically correct to call Sir Topham Hat the Fat Controller. But to me at least he will forever be referred to as the Fat Controller.

No matter how young or old you are does anything beat getting a photo with the big man? So we couldn’t resist in getting a photo of the girls with him, however, it really does highlight the height difference between Roo and her best friend (plus Roo is seven months older… lol).

I have to apologise for the lack of photos, we were having so much fun I completely forgot to take very many!

We were invited as guests of Drayton Manor for the last day of the school summer holidays.

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