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Visit Norfolk | Celebrating family time at The Bowling House, Norwich

September 9, 2018

The beginning of September marks two big things in the Boo Roo and Tigger Too household. Firstly, Mr Boo and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and secondly, the new school year starts for the children. Combining the two events we always like to mark them in some way. This year we opted to celebrate with some family time at the Bowling House in Norwich. A chance to spend time together as well bring out our competitive sides for a game or two of bowling.

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The Bowling House, Norwich

Located in the former Regal Cinema at the bottom of Dereham Road in Norwich. The Bowling House has been open since March 2018 and has transformed the old cinema space into a funky boutique entertainment area. Keeping highlights of the buildings past with the use of the cinema seating in the lobby and within the bowling lanes.

Housing just five bowling lanes it means that you aren’t lost within a large space. Which is perfect whether you are visiting with a small party of family and friends or whether you are part of a larger gathering. I can see this being a fantastic party venue, booking out all five lanes for a Christmas night out or birthday party.

Complete with separate dining areas so you can make the most of your visit and enjoy a meal either before or after you bowl. As well as a seating area for those looking to relax, chat with friends or even enjoy a game of Jenga. With a fully stocked bar, there is something for everyone, including the most amazing milkshakes – seriously scrummy!

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Family fun at The Bowling House

Since Roo and Tigger were young they have always loved heading to a bowling alley for a game or two of ten-pin bowling. Sadly family life has gotten in the way of family fun recently so we hadn’t been for a while. Although this did mean that Piglet was just about big enough to join in the fun. With the help of us lifting the bowling balls onto the ramp for her – although given half a chance, she would have happily attempted this herself (have I mentioned that she is the wild child?).

Now I have to mention that we are quite a competitive family, especially when it comes to games etc. Commonly teaming up as ‘Team Boys’ vs ‘Team Girls’, however, with Piglet on the girl’s side this time around the boys were a little outnumbered. But given that Mr Boo usually wins at bowling hands down, we decided that it was still a fair split in teams.

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Although we are a competitive family, we do respect that each of us has a different approach to our bowling game. Mr Boo has that natural ability, Tigger likes to line things up, Roo throws it in the most unnatural way to the rest of us. Whilst I throw it as fast as I can and hope for the best. Piglet, however, has the cutest technique of pushing it down the ramp and then running away as she isn’t fond of the clunk as the ball hits the lane.

Whilst we might play in teams, when it comes to the final scores it is really only down to our individual numbers. Which I was top of the leaderboard (for once). I listened to the cries of ‘it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part’ which is all well and good… but when you are the winner, it is ALL about the winning!

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Important notes to take from our visit…

  • I won!
  • Make sure you try their milkshakes
  • It’s important to laugh at yourself – especially when you hit no pins
  • Did I mention that I won??

What are you waiting for? Book your visit to the Bowling House now!

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