Best Tips For Recovering After A Dislocation Injury

November 25, 2020

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Being in an accident is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. It can mean long-term pain and difficulty getting back to a lifestyle you’re used to. Accidents and injuries can happen from sports, auto accidents, slip and falls, and much more. If you’ve experienced any one of these and are on the road to recovery, you’re probably wondering how you can speed along the process. This isn’t uncommon. Most people would like to skip right to feel better and avoid the complications that can arise after an accident.

For those that have had to have surgery after an accident, your recovery may differ from those that have had non-surgical remedies. No matter what, it’s important to listen to your rehabilitation therapists, doctors, and anyone else working on your recovery plan. You should avoid activities that could risk damaging the area.

A common injury for individuals to experience is a dislocated shoulder. The bones are held in place by several ligaments. When a dislocation occurs, the bones lose contact and come out of place. This is often very painful and can effectively cause the patient to not be able to move their arm. After a relocation, an individual will need to work with a physiotherapist for recovery.

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Two Weeks Of Rest

There is a lot to be said about keeping your body active. However, following a major problem like a dislocated shoulder, you will need to take a 2-week break. This is imperative if you want the area to heal properly. The reason for two weeks of rest is to calm the inflammation and pain associated with the injury. You can work out the wrists and hands to stimulate blood flow, which can aid in healing.

A Body In Motion Stays In Motion

It can be hard to make yourself move following an accident. You may want to just lay in bed all day. Whether it’s out of fear of pain or not wanting to reinjure the area, many find themselves not motivated to move. However, this is precisely what you shouldn’t be doing. In no way should you be up running marathons or heavy lifting as if you were going to enter a competition. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be active. 

Instead, you’ll want to find useful physical therapy exercises to address problem areas. For example, exercises for a dislocated shoulder are a perfect option for anyone that has damaged or dislocated their shoulder and wishes to regain motion and range. There are tons of exercises you can do to maintain your range of motion in the shoulder. It’s crucial that you work with your physiotherapist to ensure proper movement and that you’re doing the exercises correctly.

Apply Ice And Heat

To minimize pain, you may want to apply ice and heat alternatively. Start with 15 minutes of ice therapy on the shoulder, then switch to heat. Do this off and on throughout the day to help with reducing swelling and to stimulate blood flow to the area. Reducing inflammation and pain are the top two ways to recover from many types of injuries, including a dislocated shoulder. When done in conjunction with over the counter pain relievers, individuals can find the discomfort following relocation more manageable.

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