Are Contact Lenses better than Glasses?

Are Contact Lenses better than Glasses?

December 13, 2021

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When choosing between contact lenses or eyeglasses you may be wondering if there is a better option. When it comes to making a choice between the two, this is generally down to personal preference and what your prescription is for. There are some obvious pros and cons for both eyeglasses and contact lenses, as Camden Opticians have helped to explain. 

The benefits of contact lenses 

  • Contact lenses allow for greater freedom, since you can wear them for a number of activities including sport and exercise. 
  • Contact lenses are discreet and are perfect for people who do not like how glasses look on their face. 
  • Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses are much less likely to be affected by weather conditions. Since they don’t fog up. 
  • Contact lenses are available for a wide range of prescriptions, with modern lens design, they can be worn by almost anyone. 
  • Lenses are available for astigmatism patients, daily, weekly, monthly, two weekly and gas permeable wearers, and for lens wearers of all ages, including children. 
  • Contact lenses are also available in different colours, so you can wear them for different occasions, including fancy dress or Halloween! 
  • Once you have gotten used to putting in and taking out contact lenses, they offer the benefit of being simple and convenient. 
  • Thanks to their design, contact lenses offer a wider field of vision.
Are Contact Lenses better than Glasses?

The benefits of wearing glasses 

  • When wearing eyeglasses, you will not need to touch your eyes, which is one of the reasons many people choose not to wear contact lenses. This will also help to prevent eye infections. 
  • For those who suffer with dry eyes or eye allergies, glasses will not irritate or make this any worse. 
  • Frames can be worn as a fashion statement, matching them to your personal style choices. 
  • Long-term, wearing glasses is a cheaper option since these do not need to be replaced so regularly. 
  • If your prescription changes you may only need to replace the lens, allowing you to keep your frames.
  • Glasses can also act as a protective barrier for your eyes against things like dust and debris which may irritate your eyes or cause an infection. 
  • Most frames can also be fitted with lenses which offer UV protection. Meaning not only will your glasses provide visual clarity but protection from the sun too! 

Why would some people choose not to wear contact lenses? 

When booking yourself a contact lens appointment your Optometrist may actually find you are not suitable for contact lenses and should instead stick to wearing glasses. There are a few factors which may prompt your optometrist to recommend steering clear of contact lenses. They are: 

  • If you suffer with dry eye syndrome, severe eye allergies or Blepharitis 
  • If your prescription is particularly uncommon, it may mean that a contact lens will not provide the same clarity as your usual eyeglasses. 

Although opticians now have access to a very wide range of products, including specialist contact lenses for a wide range of prescriptions, your eyeglasses may actually provide you with the most freedom and clarity. It is best to speak with your Optometrist before making this decision to ensure your eyes will benefit from wearing contact lenses. 

Are Contact Lenses better than Glasses?

Contact Lenses vs Eyeglasses, which is right for you? 

With all the great advances in lens technology today, the majority of people are able to wear contact lenses day-to-day. So, making this decision, for most people, really is down to personal preference. To help make your decision, consider the pros of each and trial wearing both throughout the day to find which you enjoy more.

If you do decide to wear contact lenses full-time, it is important to make regular follow up appointments with your optometrist to ensure your contact lenses are still working as they should be. Many contact lens wearers will also keep a spare pair of glasses just in case they need to stop wearing contact lenses for a few days. This could be due to infection or irritation, or simply to give their eyes a break. 

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